Feminists against the Campania Region which intends to finance projects against discrimination on the basis of 'gender identity'.

After leaving the legislator's door with the fall of the Zan bill, "gender identity" is trying to re-enter through many windows. After the blitz in the law on infrastructures, it is now also being attempted in Campania. But gender-critical feminism is responding. And asks for an interlocution
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With the decree of the Directorate-General for social and socio-sanitary policies no. 349 of 12/11/2021, published in Burc 108 of 15.11.202, the Regione Campania intends to finance projects against violence exclusively in favour of 'victims of violence caused by sexual orientation and gender identity'.

We have nothing against supporting fragile or discriminated against groups. On the contrary, we expect the same intention towards women and children. violence against women cannot be included in a repertoire of lgbtq+ discrimination.

However, we contest the use of the definition 'gender identity' which is not a definition regulated by Italian law.

What is gender identity? Who will be the beneficiaries of these regional resources? On the basis of which criteria will they be distributed?

As soon as 27 October 2021  The Italian Parliament has rejected the Zan bill and with it the definition of gender identity. Does the Campania Region want to open a jurisdictional conflict with the legislative body?

The ban should be corrected and what the Italian Parliament has already decided on should not be allowed to enter through the window.

They sign:

Arcidonna Naples Onlus

Protocol Naples University Federico II

RadFem Italy

National UDI

Women's Health Association

Terra di Lei Association

Red Moon Association

Freedomina Association

Blue Bramante Feminist Association

Le Cassandre Association

Gabriella Ferrari Bravo president Psy - Com

Women Together Association

APS Psychologists in Contact onlus

Erinna Association of Viterbo

Marina Terragni

UDI Naples


Collective LunaRossa

InCurious Women's Collective

Maria Esposito

Elvira Reale

Caterina Arcidiacono

Rossana Ciambelli

Tiziana Giangrande

Gina Sphere

Rose of Matthew

Ester Ricciardelli

Eliana Bouchard

Stefania Cantatore

Maddalena Robustelli

Maria Elena Muffato

Laura Di Mascolo

Ada Ferri

Antonella Bozzaotra

Rosetta Cappelluccio

Marinella Rotondo

Luisa Festa

Gerardina Speranza

Daniela Dioguardi

Vittoria Fiorelli

Francesca Marone

Patricia Bianchi

Rossana Casalegno

Sara Rinaudo

Veronica Tamborini

Laura De Barbieri

Cristina Favati

Raffaella Molena

Monica Lanfranco

Marisa Russo - ARPEC

Maria Castiglioni

Rita Paltrinieri

Marisa Guarneri

Laura Minguzzi

Mara Accettura

Elena Coccia

Wilma Plevano

Maria Assunta Vecchi

Clara Pappalardo

Titti Brown

Giovanna Borrello

Paola Villani UNISOB

Valentina de Giovanni

Anna Maria Raimondi

Clelia Pallotta

Annalisa Cerchia

Patrizia Cubeddu

Maria Lopa

Ida Orlando

Anna Ametrano

Susy Caso

Rosa Pezzella

Joan of Guidance

Augusta Angelucci

Werusca Mandelli

Wanda Pane

Silvana Campese

Annamaria Carrese

Giulia De Meo

Samantha Pisciotta

Adriana Buffardi

Gianna Curti Clerch

Salvatore Rotondi

Silvia Marastoni

Aira Athina Carr

Samanta Lucenera

Lia Amato

Carla Rizzi

Paola Ferrara

Marilena Zirotti

Sandra Bonfiglioli

Lorenza Accorsi

Isabella Mele

Sara Coppola

Valeria Damiani

Tiziana Adele Nasali

Luciana Tavernini

Iolanda D'incecco

Lorenza Accorsi

Maria Fusco

Rita Podda

Rosangela Pesenti

Annamaria Visconti

Giovanna Scassellati

Rosa Papa

Simona Ricciardelli

Pina Mandolfo

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