Zan bill: calling a spade a spade

The real name of Zan's bill, blocked a few days ago in the Senate, should have been the bill on gender self-certification and not against homotransphobia. That was the real goal, the self-id, and that is why the law has stalled. Sacrificing the rightful protection of homosexual and transsexual people to the proterity of queer transactivism
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A brief comment, after the filing of Zan's bill on homobi-transphobia, intended above all for the non-Italian sisters and friends who ask us to explain; and for those Italian women who have not yet explained their position.clear what happened.

About a year ago, Zan's bill against homobi-transphobia was approved in the Chamber of Deputies. in silence and general inattention. At that stage, the media have completely obscured the debate, The centre-left had voted compactly in favour, which was not repeated when the bill arrived in the Senate for final approval. The centre-left had voted compactly in favour, which was not repeated when the bill reached the Senate for final approval. The truth is that the Most of the MEPs, as some of them (including Stefano Fassina) later acknowledged, did not really understand what they were approving. Convinced to vote for a law against hate crimes against homosexual and transgender people, had not understood that the real core of the law was gender identity, the first step in the direction of self-id.

In Italy there is a law in force, the 164/82not unlike the Gender Recognition Act This law has been updated over the years by a number of court rulings. This law has been updated over the years by a series of rulings: for example, surgical mutilation is no longer required to obtain a sex change on documents. However, it remains necessary to go through the whole process, with expert opinions and a final ruling. What the Zan bill intended to introduce surreptitiously was gender self-certification or self-id.

Ddl Zan: chiamare le cose con il loro nome
Transfeminist Angela Azzaro clarifies that the real goal of the Zan dossier was gender identity or self-identity.

Members of Parliament, we said, did not understand this. Many citizens have not understood it today either. But we radical feminists you can see from the picture above, which is more than a year old. The fight was bare-knuckle, and very hard indeed, particularly on two fronts: 1. breaking the media silence 2. talk to the centre-left - the political area of the vast majority among us - to make changes to the text of the bill.

Ihe first objective has been achieved to some extent.With great effort, we managed to get through, we did a lot of work on the social media, we appeared in the newspapers, we got a few TV appearances and we were heard in the Senate. The second objective, to talk to the proposers, we have completely failed. With very rare exceptions, no one ever wanted to listen to us and confront us, from the first signatory Alessandro Zan, to the secretaries of the left-wing parties (PD, M5S, LeU), to the women of those parties.

An insurmountable wall, an absolute deafness, accompanied by misogynistic contempt: you are a backward minority, you represent no one, and so on.

Our objections were well-founded and reasonable: in addition to the no to gender identity (art.1) we asked that the law not be extended to include misogynistic hatred -women are not a minority to be protected but the majority of mankind, and feminism had never called for such a law, especially when granted by misogynists in favour of womb renting and 'sex work'. We demanded that transactivist propaganda should stay out of schools (Art. 7) and that freedom of expression should be truly guaranteed (Art. 4).

We even proposed that return to an earlier bill (Scalfarotto-Annibali) that would have truly guaranteed the protection of homosexual and transgender people.

Our arguments have been taken up and used by right-wing parties and moderates: it was really surprising to hear Judith Butler and transhumanism mentioned by Conservative MPs. But as we have seen have also made inroads with a small part of the left, which ultimately did not support the bill, lacking the necessary numbers to proceed in the Senate approval process. This was our victory.

We have the There is a well-founded suspicion that some of the proposers themselves wanted to stop the law, which, if approved, would have opened up scenarios that would have been very difficult to manage and justify in the face of a public opinion that was largely unfavourable to self-id, but still unaware that that was the real aim of the bill.

E It is a real pity that homosexual and transgender people did not get the protection they were asking for because of the arrogance of queer transactivism: they are the real homophobes and transo-phobes.

For us and for all, a lesson: don't give up, buti. Today we say this especially to the Spanish and German sisters struggling with similar laws. We never thought we would make it, with his bare hands, against a universal mainstream in favour of the dlBut we did not let ourselves be discouraged and achieved our goal, albeit bitterly. And above all, Demand that things be called by their name. Do not allow a law whose purpose is to introduce self-id to be presented as something else, masking the real objective behind more reasonable and agreed proposals.

Whenever you see gender identity mentioned, prick up your ears, and get ready to fight.

Marina Terragni (RadFem Italy, WHRC Italy)

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