Carol, killed 5 times

The murderer, the mass media, a comedian: the overkill on Carol Maltesi's body was general. A mass BSDM game, a supplementary spectacle of the dead being torn to pieces. A snuff movie from life. After all, she was a porn star. She had it coming.
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Carol Maltesi, the young woman brutally murdered and cut to pieces by banker Davide Fontana, was killed five times.

The first, from the pornography industry -online and then also live shows- from which the girl had been captured during the lockdown in order to provide for herself and the son she had given birth to when she was just 20 years old.

The second time at his tormentor's, for which one is looking for - as usual - reasons to: did he accidentally kill her in a sex game? was he jealous? was he depressed? why did he do it, since he was such a 'normal' man? When the reason for every feminicide is always the same, and it would be obvious if only we would finally see it: domination. Thinking of a woman as an inanimate, already dead thing, devoid of will and desires, and going on to the act - killing her altogether - when something, even something absolutely irrelevant, intervenes to upset an already sick pseudo-equilibrium.

Carol, uccisa 5 volte
Carol's killer, Davide Fontana, employee and food blogger

The third: again by the torturer who meticulously dissected the body, bought a freezer on Amazon, froze the pieces, then took them out to try to destroy them with every possible technique and then abandoned them on the edge of a bush. Seventy days from the murder to the discovery of the remains in which Fontana lived normally - after all, he is a 'normal' man, an office worker with a passion for food. And he coldly sent text messages from Carol's mobile phone, even wishing his father a happy birthday. Carol, for whom he had even left his wife, according to reports. In short, loved her. But indeed.

The fourth: the media, practically all of them, who sadistically lingered on the gruesome details of the murder and the 'handling' of the body, perpetuating the BSDM game which is known to be the most popular with users of pornography and also with users of prostitution, and perhaps also with readers: humiliation, reduction to an object to be violated in the most unthinkable ways, this is the business that pays the most. With her, the new hardcore starlet, you could let yourself go in detail. A little extra show, dead and cut up. A mass erotic game, crowning her short career as a hardcore actress. One snuff movie from life.

The fifth: by a comedian who we do not mention and who is very happy today because his name has become one of the trending topics on Twitter - so much publicity! who translated into an irreferable joke a circulating mood that could be summed up as follows: but come on, dear girl, you've given yourself to porn and lap dances, it was in the order of things that something like this could happen to you, you basically asked for it.

You asked for it: it applies to all victims of feminicide. For someone like Carol even more so.

Marina Terragni

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