Transition of little girls: how many are "convinced" on TikTok?
Videos with the hashtag #trans viewed more than 26 billion times. Very young influencers celebrating their "recovery" after double mastectomy. The social network most frequented by very young people proposes medical transition as cool and transgressive. And sex change becomes the new rebellion

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While we read everywhere that TikTok was the most downloaded app -and more profitable- of 2021 globally, the Daily Mail publishes an article on the role of the Chinese social network in the increase in girls/girls who say they feel "trans" in English schools.

According to the analysis of The Mail on Sunday videos with the hashtag #Trans have been viewed more than 26 billion times. It is mostly material posted by very young people influencers “transgender” who they provide advice on how to get opposite-sex surgeries and hormones, presenting it as a good and right thing. AND the first piece of advice is often: “Don't involve your parents.”

Early 2021 TikTok has signed a contract with Stonewall, a controversial LGBTQ organization abandoned by the British government and large corporations, including the BBC, following accusations of not acting in the public interest (see here).

TikTok is known as “the youngest social network”: according to estimates provided by TikTok itself, 66% of users are under 30 years old and the majority are in the 16 to 24 age range. Furthermore, fewer than 5% of content creators are over 35 years old (sources here). Indeed, This social network is recommended as the most suitable one to companies looking to connect with an audience of teenagers or those under 30.

A video from FtoM influencer Jaison Jowett, “Get well with me after top surgery!” (mastectomy of healthy breasts to “feel like a man”).

The Daily Mail quotes videos with captions like: “Get well with me after top surgery!” (euphemism for mastectomy of healthy breasts done exclusively to “feel like a man”). Another video shows the transformation from “good Christian girl” to “atheist gay trans who loves tattoos and chaos.”

It is no coincidence that the growth of TikTok corresponds exactly to an exponential growth of girls and boys with gender dysphoria. These videos risk bringing a generation of children to believe that 'changing sex' is easy and is the answer to all their problems,” says Kate Harris of LGB Alliance.

According to Stephanie Arai-Davies, who collaborates with the detransitioner Keira Bell, TikTok “is full of videos that portray medical transition as cool and transgressive. The genre is seen as the new rebellion. These Platforms promoting medical transition should be required to include a warning on such material."

Maria Celeste

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