Transgender: the victory of Puer Aeternus
Evolution of unisex which fought against gender stereotypes, the "gender" phenomenon among adolescents expresses the attempt to escape the biological debt-burden and the need to feel disengaged with respect to stepmother nature. But the transgender is not at all his own creator: if anything, he is under the thumb of an all-powerful "spirit" that enslaves the mind and psyche. And the gay movement that supports the childish simulation does not see that it is precisely the homosexual identity that ends up the worst

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L'ideology transgender it goes beyond the transsexual claim of the construction of sex by subtraction or addition of something starting from a matrix, because contests the very existence of male and female, and especially of the latter, making the female gender a product of educational norms, DIY or DIY crafts, beauty shop, chemical laboratory, surgical table.

Both appeal to the "truth" of omnipotent creation of the sexes, devoid of actual reality. Young women in particular are unfortunately fertile ground for every "kind" of masochism and self-harm, because they undergo the dictates of nature in their flesh (menstruation, fertility, abortion, deformation and transformation of the physique) and are tempted to engage a struggle of resistance attacking one's own body first, or let it be plundered and abused. Furthermore, being forced to represent external beauty and aesthetic perfection, always under judgment for details, connotations, shapes and volumes open to criticism, their somatic narcissism is precarious and never truly comforted by the mirror.

The spread of the "gender" phenomenon in adolescence generally expresses more the attempt to escape the biological debt-burden than the so-called identity flexibility, because it is based on need to feel disengaged with respect to stepmother nature, therefore to float and remain on the surface to avoid deep currents and abysses, pretending that everything in sexuality is a superstructure and not a supporting structure.
Gender identity is moreover an exclusively "head" issue only in childhood and puberty, while later it becomes a unitary process that involves the entire person and personality.

Unlike the ideological vision of the problem, we are not dealing with rational will, The transgender he is not at all his own creator, if anything he is under the thumb of an all-powerful "spirit", which claims physiognomy and anatomy in its image, enslaving the mind and psyche. An expression of concreteness and a reduction to the absurd due to excessive simplification, a form of possession or automation that makes one presume to be masters of the sexual sphere, so much so that in this regard one would use the exorcist's formula: "Get out of this body!". A belief/credulity that maintains the infantile implant of fantasies about sex, on which reason and evidence can do nothing, while the script prevails: by dint of playing a part one ends up making it a "nature".

Even for those who are fascinated by it or defend it "on principle", seeing in the childhood season only goodness of intent and positive potential, the important thing is what appears, that is, the individual you look a female and/or a male, poses as such in the social space (in the eyes of the people), not so much what it is (underlying), or the opposite, as long as it is not a woman or a man in flesh and blood. What matters, therefore, is the surface Not hide and Not contains depth, meanings and contents that are intolerable and distressing at a conscious level, with a change from dream to nightmare. So they want to confuse the gender cards, mix them at random, also making mating a comforting entertainment, like having a drink and seeing double.

On balance, however, even the most extremists they can only mess with the basic materials provided by nature, with limited margins for maneuver which mostly consist of variations in dosage of primary and secondary sexual characteristics, hormones, anatomical parts, cut and sew thanks to technologies, pharmaceutical industries and credit cards.

Proponents of “genderism” want to rewrite ex novo the history of sexuality, nullifying the past and rereading it in the light of an alleged sun of the future, which is a poorly disguised cultural obscurantism, a true reversal of the coin of the nineteenth-century bourgeois dictate. They would like people to learn by heart the nursery rhymes and stock phrases of the regime.reversal of meaning, they aim bluntly to indoctrinate, train, dictate the law, acting as officials of the new order, with exactly the same methods and using the consensus techniques developed in the twentieth century, which involve intensive exploitation of the media and the contexts in which opinion is forged (including pedagogical ones). I am (mis)educational agencies that compete with confessional adversaries for control over developmental age, equally interested in imposing a unilateral vision of the human being and of sociality. The objective is to exercise power over the masses conceived as "minors" to be guided, influencing and conditioning with adequate pressure the (de)formation of the new generations. Everyone feels they are executors of a superior plan of progress (political or religious ideals) and need to convince others to validate the belief by which they are dominated.

Genderism is basically just one deferred protest against the imposition of ways of expressing individuality and sexuality, popularized and globalized in cinematography and advertising starting from the 1950s, especially in the USA. In practice thelong wave of the reaction to the theatricalization of gender differences (hairstyles, clothing, makeup, poses and attitudes), which in the first period it had been represented byunisex. Actually, the protagonist of the cult film of the seventies Rocky Horror Pictures Show he was an icon ofmale omnipotence more than of bisexuality, and if anything of bisexuality as an expression of superpowers and not of sexual attraction (the subject at the same time an object of himself and others choreographies or frames). In fashion, ex-unisex has long since reached its peak non-gender, the only difference is the size, for shoes and clothes, version trendy of school and military uniform. THE animated films, especially Japanese ones, they are also forerunners of the exchange of body and person, floating aliases, tailor-made reincarnations for kids in the so-called evolutionary phase with no intention of maturing and reaching the finish line. If once there were males and females of the house, soon they will be familiar everywhere replicants of obligatory ambiguity.

In transgenderism the best of the two sexes is not combined, if anything the two genders are reduced to one sex minimum. The truth is that a labile, even gaseous and volatile subjectivity is undifferentiated or evanescent for stagnation adolescent, and desperately searches for physiognomies, disguises, masks, but is unable to take and find a Form, pretending a freedom of expression and self-determination that he does not possess and that does not exist. One is thus expected moratorium of identity, a suspension sine die which prevents us from seriously experimenting and making thoughtful choices, resulting in the formation of a psychosexual swamp and ultimately lethal quicksand. The fluidity declared and rewarded by the press and social media is in fact a cocktail of idiosyncrasies, whims, sensitivity and spiritualism, phobias, paranoia and ghosts, a glass in which one risks getting lost and drowning, orientation, preferences, affection, interpersonal bonds have nothing to do with it.

AND the gay movement that supports the success of this childish simulation does not seem to realize that it is precisely the homosexual identity that ends up the worst. The overcoming of the genre or genres, in favor of arbitrary variations on the theme to be recited depending on the mood of the moment, It also frustrates homosexual relationships, not just heterosexual ones, with all due respect to the supporters of civil rights for minorities (marriage between neutral pronouns). That's how it is if you like.

Mattia Morretta

Psychiatrist and sexologist in the ATS of Milan, Mattia Morretta (in the photo above) has collaborated with the homosexual culture magazine Babylon and was among the founders of The other Tuesday, among the first radio programs dedicated to the gay and lesbian world in Italy broadcast on the frequencies of Radio Popolare. He was co-founder and president of the first Italian Association on the subject of AIDS, collaborates with the Medical Association of Monza for training initiatives and with literary dissemination magazines. He is the author of essays on social psychology and cultural criticism, including: What fault do we have? (2013), Living traces (2016), Long live Dalida (2017), This wedding shouldn't happen (2019), Between us the ocean (2021, Antica Pyrgos international literary prize). Recently published Of oil and poetry. The legacy of Pier Paolo Pasolini (2022). A vast archive of writings can be consulted on the site

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