On abortion only propaganda: "Fluff amendment, good for the electoral campaign"
The recently approved paragraph which authorizes pro-life associations to enter counseling centers does not actually add or change what is already provided for by law 194. Marina Terragni and Francesca Izzo explain this. And even the Pro Vita are quick to point out: we will not enter the clinics. The topic is good for the political clash in view of the European elections. But the law remains as it is

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AND' sad to have to talk about abortion on command: Abortion is a complex and painful experience for the vast majority of women. “For whose pleasure am I aborting?”: Carla Lonzi he summarized the issue this way. AND' very sad that the issue is being raised during the election campaign, on one side and the other, and that we feel obliged to say something.

In recent days theon the right he proposed and passed with confidence an amendment to the PNRR That it would authorize pro-lifers to enter counseling centers; the opposition, for their part, are riding the operation, placing it at the center of the campaign for the European elections.

Is law 194 under attack? Should women worry? Interviewed by the Huffington Post Marina Terragni and Francesca Izzo they analyze the political "novelty" and its possible consequences.

On abortion only propaganda. “Fluff amendment, good for the electoral campaign”

"It is a nonsense amendment because it only reiterates what is already guaranteed by article 2 of law 194. It does not add e absolutely nothing changes. It will only serve as flag for the Pro Life and Family movements, who have the abolition of 194 on the horizon, e it will allow the opposition to undermine the majority during the electoral campaign“. Marina Terragni, feminist journalist and writer, has no doubts that the amendment to the Pnrr decree on which the government has placed its trust and whose text, first signed by Lorenzo Malagola of FdI, was passed to the budget commission, will not change one bit. comma what is already explicitly provided for by law. And that is that the Regions, in organizing the services of the clinics, can "also avail themselves, without new or greater burdens on public finances, of the involvement of third sector subjects who have qualified experience in maternity support“.

It's already like this,” echoes Francesca Izzo, historian of modern and contemporary political thought, active for decades in the field of women's rights and among the founders of If not now when?. “Law 194 already provides for the presence in counseling centers of third sector organizations responsible for assisting women in choosing. Then the local realities can be very different,” he explains. In the various clinics, in fact, there may be figures and associations with specific training, capable of providing information and supporting the woman in the choice of the possible continuation or termination of the pregnancy, "just as there may be third sector subjects of an exclusively ideological nature present , who start a terrorist campaign against the right to healthcare of a woman who wants to terminate her pregnancy". Beyond the territorial differences, the fact remains that everything is already regulated from a legislative point of view. In this sense we do not understand the intent of the amendment “if not possibly to encourage as much as possible the presence of people in the clinics who can discourage abortion", concludes Francesca Izzo.

Let it be only a political manifesto, rather than a real reform, it is therefore a common belief. Judging also by the reaction that the approval of the text in the budget committee aroused among the opposition. “It is incredible how, precisely in the days in which the European Parliament recognizes abortion as one of the rights that should be constitutionally guaranteed by the countries of the Union, the right in government in Italy is once again trying to limit women's freedom, allowing the Regions to open the doors of the clinics to Pro Life associations more than they are already doing", said Marta Bonafoni, coordinator of the PD Secretariat, with responsibility for Associations and the Third Sector, and regional councilor of Lazio. “Another step backwards, compared to the arduous achievements achieved through years of battles, on the front of the rights and freedoms of all. Also for this reason – he anticipates – I will be in Piazza Montecitorio to ask to keep the objectors out of the clinics and to truly implement, rather than weaken, what is foreseen by law 194".

The parliamentarians of the 5 Star Movement, the secretary of the Democratic Party Elly Schlein and Riccardo Magi of +Europa also expressed the same objections: the Meloni government wants to undermine the right to abortion by allowing anti-abortionists from Pro Life just as Europe is discussing whether to include abortion in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU is the common thesis. “The constitutionalization of the right to abortion is nonsense: feminism has always talked about the right to health and healthcare of women who intend to terminate their pregnancy. And this is what law 194 establishes, not the right to abortion", specifies Marina Terragni who reiterates that "there are no new elements in this amendment which is only superficial"

There is a law in Italy that certainly cannot be changed, on issues of this type we have always allowed freedom of conscience", reassured the deputy prime minister and Foreign Minister, Antonio Tajani, on the sidelines of a press conference at the Forza Italia headquarters. “I believe that it is right for everyone to behave according to their beliefs and conscience, but we must not criminalize those who are against abortion”.

We have no intention of entering counseling centers, because our scope of action is public awareness and political influence with national campaigns", declared Jacopo Coghe, spokesperson for Pro Vita & Famiglia Onlus, in a note.. “This does not take away the urgency,” he added, “of bringing clinics back to the role for which they were designed by Law 194, that is, places where women can be helped to find concrete alternatives to abortion by removing those situations of socio-economic hardship or of loneliness and abandonment that make self-determination an empty political slogan", effectively reiterating the concept of the amendment's uselessness from a legislative point of view, but charging it with political significance when he concluded: “The amendment to the Pnrr goes in the right direction and the one created by the Democratic Party and 5 Star is a controversy against the right of women in difficulty to receive help and assistance if they want to carry on with their pregnancy and realize their desire to be mothers ”.

Linda Varlese

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