The harm that pornography causes
Paper Unicef downplays the negative effects of pornography on minors. But many studies demonstrate the harmful impact of porn on the person and their relational and sexual life. Not to mention the horrible condition of porn actresses

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In a Unicef paper on minors and pornography, Digital Age Assurance Tools and Children's Rights Online across the Globe you can read this disconcerting passage:

“Does the evidence justify age limits? -regarding viewing pornographic content online, ed.- As discussed previously, this evidence is inconsistent and currently There is no universal agreement on the nature and extent of harm caused to children by viewing content classified as pornographic… Most children who viewed pornographic images were neither upset nor happy.”

The truth is that the impact of widespread and accessible pornography is a very serious issue, already the subject of studies and research: How is it conceivable that its impact on girls and boys can be minimized? And, even more so, should Unicef do it?


Porn has become part of the ordinariness of many. It often happens that you come across reels (short videos) of girls who boast about their use of porn as much as the boys and who "mock" those who don't use it the same way as them.

What impact can pornography have on viewers? Is it really simple entertainment and fantasies to facilitate and "enrich" masturbation, as it is defined by a growing number of men, women and teenagers?

The answer is no. Scientific studies, research and statistics prove gthe negative effects multiple and alarming that pornography has on the psyche, on the sexual and sentimental life and on the life in general of those who use it.

Jennings Bryant and Dolf Zillman, University of Alabama, have studied the effects of pornography for thirty years, and have found that all serious and reliable research on pornography do not show any possible benefit following porn consumption. In reverse, studies and research show that the use of porn has negative effects not only on those who use it, but also on people close to consumers, especially partners.

A study conducted in 2012 by Amanda Maddox and his team concluded that individuals who did not use sexually explicit material reported better relationship quality than those who did.

He gives us a clear idea of how porn has a negative impact on the brain of those who use it Gary Wilson with his book Your brain on porn, where he explains in detail how the use of pornography leads users to be desensitized to real stimuli and real partners. Simply put, the more you use pornography, the less interested you will be in having sex with your real-life partner. So, watching porn equals having less sex.

It is no coincidence that a growing number of studies demonstrate one correlation between pornography use and erectile dysfunction, a rare phenomenon among teenagers and young adults before the advent of internet pornography. See the site In recent years, one has been spreading greater awareness of the harm caused by the use of pornography -in Italy the rare criticisms of porn are generally linked to religious positions, as is the case with Pornotoxin, a movement created by Antonio Morra.

Very interesting work Fight the New Drug -see here– movement born in America which now has more than 4 million members worldwide. Non-profit, unrelated to religion, the movement is based on testimonies and scientific studies that prove damage to the brain, relationships and lives of those who use pornography.

Another topic on which Fight the New Drug work is it exploitation of porn actresses, rarely truly consenting and often forced to shoot scenes not previously agreed upon under blackmail and threats from directors and producers. Many ex-pornstars have spoken about how their lives, within the pornographic industry, were marked by coercion, blackmail, violence and abuse.

An important testimony provided byformer porn star Shelley Lubben: “That's right, none of us freshly dyed blondes (referring to other porn actresses), like doing porn. In fact, we hate it. We hate being touched by strangers who don't care about us, we hate be degraded with their bad odors and sweaty bodies, some porn stars hate it so much you can hear them vomiting in the bathroom between scenes.” This and other statements by Lubben against the world of pornography in her book The truth behind the fantasy of porn: The greatest illusion on earth (The Truth About the World of Porn: The Greatest Illusion on Earth).

Shelley Lubben founded the company in 2008 Pink Cross foundation, an association that worked to raise awareness among people about the dangerous aspects of the pornographic industry and to offer support for porn actresses and actors to leave the sector. Thanks to Pink Cross Foundation many actresses managed to leave. Lubben has spoken about the consequences of porn in public forums, explaining its negative physical, mental and emotional effects. She also told how she and all the porn actresses and actors were sent to one fraudulent fake clinic, where a “doctor” without any title he falsified the mandatory tests to hide any sexually transmitted diseases, endemic in the American pornographic industry. Lubben herself paid the price: due to the lack of protection within the pornographic industry she contracted herpes which caused real deformations all over her body and face, and HPV, which generated cancer to the cervix for which she had to undergo delicate and invasive surgery.

Unfortunately, Lubben was not able to really leave behind the demons of the past, such as the trauma of the rapes she suffered as a child and the addiction to drugs: perhaps it was precisely this addiction that killed her on February 9, 2019. Despite this, her commitment against porn industry, his testimonies and his organization have helped porn actresses and actors to escape from this terrible industry. The causes of his death have never been fully clarified, three years earlier he had declared to the California newspaper, the Porterville Recorder: “I'm the most hated woman in America by the porn industry, it's a wonder I'm still alive and that they haven't killed me yet. I did everything I could to trample on this industry." Did the porn industry really have something to do with his death? What is certain is that many have attempted to put his activism against porn in a bad light by playing on his fragility and drug addiction.

Another important testimony is that of Jessie Rogers, lured by an agent who initially told her he was looking for models and only later revealed to her that the job consisted of porn. Rogers had not turned eighteen at the time of the events, she entered the pornographic industry at the end of 2011 and left it in 2012, after having suffered countless violence. After officially announcing his retirement from the pornographic scene at the beginning of 2013, he was part of anti-porn organizations and began to talk in detail about the negative experience he had in that environment.

I have been molested by my church pastor at twelve and raped by an older man at fifteen. The stories of all the porn stars I met were all similar: difficult pasts and negative experiences. All the porn stars and not only that, even male actors and agents talked and fantasized about leaving this world and changing their lives. In particular, my roommate and I, who are also in the porn industry, were constantly talking about wanting to quit porn, it was a regular topic of ours when we dated, now she too has retired, is engaged and is having a baby . All pornstars do something during their scenes. Whether it's weed, painkillers, ecstasy, cocaine, whatever. That's why, when people watch the videos, they think that the actresses are having fun during the scenes, in reality they are dissociated from reality, they don't want to be there. When I shot my last scene I had already told my agent that I wanted to leave porn and asked him not to commission me any more scenes but that I would finish the ones already planned. So I did this scene that had already been planned. During this last scene I worked with another woman, also quite well known in the industry, in this scene she had to penetrate me with her sex toy which was made of glass, rough and really huge, I thought she would be careful, but instead she used it against me with all its strength and violence. I didn't let this go on for long because it was extremely painful, so I screamed and turned around and the bed was completely covered in blood. So I started screaming and freaking out and ran to the bathroom to clean myself, while I kept bleeding and I bled for days actually. A few days later I received a message from my agent asking me to finish the scene, I was shocked as I was still bleeding and it would take at least two weeks to heal. That's when I really realized that producers don't care about actresses and they don't even see us as human beings and this is really absurd.".

In the summer of 2019 the former pornographic actress Mia Khalifa he made very similar revelations that shocked everyone. She claimed to have been lured by an agent who pretended to be looking for models. Mia Khalifa stated that entering the world of porn has never been a conscious choice and that most actresses are lured and tricked into entering this industry when they find themselves in moments of extreme vulnerability. The former actress concluded by openly saying that she had always hated doing porn and that during the scenes she entered a state of blackout.

These testimonies are just some of a long series, hundreds of pages would not be enough to cite them all and they are all always damned the same. Women who talk about difficult pasts, about abuses that have made them more vulnerable and manipulated by unscrupulous pornographic producers and agents; who speak of constant threats aimed at creating scenes they didn't want to shoot; who, with the promise of modeling work, meet again stuck in unwanted contracts with the usual phrases: "we won't refund your travel money if you don't do this scene".

This is not about consent. In these conditions we cannot speak of free choice.

Just take a look at evening and early evening TV programs to realize how pornography has a significant influence in all sectors of society. Programs like “Avanti un Altro”, “Ciao Darwin” and many others, which sadly use women as sexual objects and bait to gain an audience, give proof of how the so-called pornified cultureand it's a sad reality.

You should never think that a simple click on porn sites is a harmless gesture, because “everyone does it”, “no one sees me watching porn”. These are justifications we use to others and ourselves in an attempt to feel less guilty about a habit that has negative consequences on consumers and it indirectly contributes to the trafficking, exploitation, mistreatment and objectification of too many women and girls, often minors.


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