Fathers who kill
Davide Paitone killed his son Daniele, also seriously injuring his mother. A violent man, already detained under house arrest. Plus he's a cocaine addict and a drinker. Yet in the name of "parental equality" he was allowed to keep the child with him for New Year's Eve, a decision that ended in tragedy. But the father's right, although notoriously aggressive, is what matters most

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Davide Paitone, forty-year-old worker from Morazzone (Varese), he is a violent man.

Already accused of abuse in the family, and also addicted to cocaine and drinking, he had also stabbed a colleague after an argument and for this reason he found himself at the House arrest. Despite his violent temper he had obtained permission to keep his 7-year-old son Daniele with him for New Year's Eve. Concession equivalent to a death sentence for the child, whose throat was slashed by his father. After hiding the body in a wardrobe the man he reached the mother of the child, from whom he was separating, attempting to kill her too, fortunately without success.

How is it possible that such a dangerous man was allowed to keep the child with him? This is actually a rather “normal” thing.

For two decades now, theories have spread from the United States that - with names and instruments varying from PAS up to "relationship disorders" or "developmental risks" - they effectively impose shared custody and the right to visit and access the child even on violent fathers in cases of separation or divorce.
In the field of juvenile and civil law on child custody after separation, negative theories have developed relating to the concerts of “parental alienation” or others”relationship or developmental disorders" which indicate that possible entrustment to the protective mother is dangerous for the minor even in cases of violence by the father, but also positive theories inspired by “equality” and “gender-neutrality of custody”.

Daniele Paitone, 7 years old, killed by his father on the evening of January 1st

Year after year the so-called "maternal preference" is increasingly abandoned in Europe too, in the name of a "progressive" concept of “equality”, “neutrality” or “sharing”, with the almost impossibility for mothers to mention violence so as not to be detained “hindering, symbiotic, adhesive, alienating”.
Violent fathers must therefore have free access to their children, and at the same time share responsibility "equally" with the mother even in cases of serious domestic violence.

Very often it happens that fathers, both during the separation phase and afterwards, are also violent towards their children, but evidently the issue is not important enough for the courts, operators, institutions and the academy, where there are always many good women and men who work, but the fashions of the moment lead one to think that male violence against women is an outdated theme, of which the woman herself is possibly in some way guilty. 
Among the current proposals there is also that of report to social services all mothers who report domestic violence, evidently to put them also and above all under the lens of the investigation.

The terrible filicide in Varese cannot be surprising today. In Italy, in the United States and in every country in the world the massacre does not stop, considering the life, energy and procreative power of women.

We no longer ask the institutions to do something, but only to speak clearly.
Inform the women. Tell them that if they have had children with violent men, they may never be free of these men. Which the state could continue to guarantee their right as pater familias until the end of their days, at the risk of their lives and that of their children.

Maria Emerson

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