Nullification, surgery to annul sex
The Alignal Surgical Association of San Francisco specializes in nullification surgery, a sex nullification surgery reserved in particular for non-binary people. The surgery completely removes the genitals and gives a doll-like pubis

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The Alignal Surgical Association of San Francisco (here) specializes in nullification surgery, that is to say gender annulment surgery, reserved especially for non-binary people. The images you see here are of a man who underwent complete castration without subsequent reconstruction of a pseudo-vagina, and whose pubis took on the appearance of that of a doll. The inconsistency of sex, which gender theories replace with gender identity, becomes a real physical demolition. People who undergo this type of surgery define themselves null. Below you can read the presentation of the site.


While many patients may be interested in transitioning to a male or female identity, there are many people who feel like their gender identity doesn't quite conform in one direction or another. Sex-reversal surgery can allow non-compliant patients to enjoy a relatively genital area smooth.

Undoing creates a relatively continuous and mostly uninterrupted passage from the abdomen to the genital area, allowing gender non-conforming patients to enjoy an external body that is closer to how they perceive themselves internally.


There World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) has standards of care that require two letters from mental health services stating their availability for surgery. Clients must take hormones and be non-smokers.

The vaginoplasty that preserves the phallus has been shown to have a positive and lasting benefit for transmen and non-binary people who desire a non-standard gender affirmation surgery.

If you are interested in this procedure or any of the other gender non-standard surgeries, we encourage you to contact us and get a consultation. There are many ways we can allow you to enjoy the gender identity of your choice.

Reach us and request a consultation, we will evaluate your gender identity and help you by developing a surgical plan that brings your outward appearance into conformity with your personal gender identity

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