We women, the 'Privileged

Transactivism defines being born a woman as a 'privilege' that must also be open to those who have not had this unspeakable good fortune. It's the old envious story, or patriarchy. But talking about privilege is a step forward in clarity. If the world needs women more and more, then the real women will be 'them'.
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There is something good here.

In recent years we have been resisting theinvasion of being a woman by men. In reality she is just the latest figure in the old envious story of all time, o patriarchy.

Men have always wanted to appropriating the woman-being and her creative power, exploiting women's bodies in every way and occupying the centre of the world. The good thing is that Today, language reveals this movement in all its clarity.. Today a significant number of men demands access to being a woman.a. Being born in a woman's body is explicitly declared as "privilege"This is a nice leap in clarity. It is a taboo breaking.

They always tried to convince us that being born in a woman's body was a disgrace.and that we would pay dearly for it. That because of our female sexual bodies our lives would be less free and subject to domination. Too many, fortunately not all, still allow themselves to be convinced by this reading.

But Today, transactivism speaks clearly about the 'privilege' of being born in a female body. To be precise, it says that if you are born in a woman's body, you enjoy a 'privilege' that non-women - men - can only try to conquer with a hard struggle, taking hormones, undergoing surgical manipulations that will never achieve the goal.

It's all so clear at last!

Judith Butler insists that the women's 'category' must be open and inclusive for subjectivities that are not exclusively women born women. There does not seem to be the same urgency with regard to the 'category' of men.

How do you explain this growing human desire to be part of the female 'category'.or to be able to join if one does not enjoy this 'privilege' from birth? 

Men - all men - are aware of the greatness of women.. They know that they have usurped their place at the centre of the world, and that that place was not theirs to take. And they know that it has come to the ropes.

Every man knows this, and in his private life he always looks for a woman to rely on, trusts in a woman's ability to govern things, while in the public sphere he does not want to give up single-sex exclusivity. It is men above all - even more than women, who are induced to forget it - who are the holders of the secret of female greatness, aware of the injustice of exclusion.

Men do not forget the power of the woman who gave birth to them and not being women they in turn seek for their lives a woman they can tame and control, to whom they entrust themselves as children without feeling threatened. Most of all they remember the truth of the world that claimed women to be the centre of the human beingand the violation by them of this natural arrangement of things.

But now this claim of the world is reaffirmed by the threat of human extinctionenvironmental and climate crisis and pandemic - whatever its origin - tell us that male prometheism is at an end -alternatively, at the end of the race it is us-. E indicate a female-rooted civilisation as the way to save the species.

A significant number of men are pressing to be part of this necessary souveraineté female, claims to be included in the ranks of the 'privileged'. The main means of inclusion, violently affirmed, are artificial reproduction of the human being -all techniques-, uterine transplantation, male pregnancy and breastfeeding, cancellation and replacement of the mother by a surrogate, pharmacological and surgical "therapies" of the body, genetic manipulation, fetishisation of the female body and its functions.

These are some of the means by which the so-called transhuman transition. But transhumanism is "homeopathically" configured as a a super-prometism that should repair the damage done by prometheism.

Transhumanism constitutes an extreme attempt to resist historical patriarchy. Admits the need for an unpostponable souveraineté female, but demand that men remain sovereign even in this souveraineté, again replacing women as women truer simple "natives". First ladies, in short.

The answer to this historical passage can only be a female-rooted civilisation, somewhat a-historical civilisation because, if a nature exists, this was the way nature had arranged things for the human species. A disposition that we can still observe in the very rare matrilineal enclaves where men find their peaceful place in the world.

Some might object that if it is the 'category' of women that is asked to open up in order to be maximally inclusive, if it is 'native' women that are asked to give up the exclusive use of the name 'woman' in order to be content to be defined as 'bodies with vaginas' (The Lancet), in reality we observe a huge increase in FtM transitions (now 8 out of 10 cases) very rare until about 20 years ago or even less. Girls who renounce the 'privilege' of being born women in order to identify themselves as men.. However, this phenomenon cannot be included in the transhuman perspective.

The vast majority of FtM transitions are merely the most radical and extreme manifestation of the 'old' emancipation. (see here). These young women are still subject to the patriarchal deception of interpreting being born in a female body as a misfortune to be remedied in some way. Which have not yet encountered the awareness of the 'unspeakable good fortune of being born a woman'. (Luisa Muraro). Fortune, which today is called "privilege". The phenomenon of the FtM girls makes imitative use of part of the symbolic transhuman paraphernalia, but does not participate in it except by using its language, an equal flattening that conceals the reality of sexual difference.

Marina Terragni

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