The disappearance of women. AX Factor
The abolition of the women-men categories from the talent show, in homage to gender fluid, has actually produced the abolition of women: only 2 finalists against 20 men. No better demonstration of the fact that the neuter is masculine, and cancels out the feminine sex

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What is happening in the Italian edition of the international talent show X Factor (Sky) is disconcerting, but also very significant.

From this year the categories have been abolished: in particular, men and women no longer compete in different and separate categories in accordance with the mainstream fluid according to which the sexual binary is a fact to be archived.

The paradoxical result of innovation is that lhe final will be almost exclusively male (20 male competitors, 2 women): practically a football club. From the hated binary, passing through the non-binary, we have returned to the old dear monosex of all time.

By abolishing the categories, X Factor has effectively abolished the women.

No better demonstration of the fact than the gender neutral is masculine, and involves the disappearance of the female sex.

The production and the judges will find themselves with this strange problem to solve, the women having practically disappeared, and they will have to somehow get out of the embarrassment.

For us it's not a surprise here: just as is happening in talent, in any sector of human coexistence the "unexpected" product of gender-neutral is the disappearance of women and the spread of the masculine. In short, we return to the starting point, when women stayed out of everything.

The intent - that of making women disappear and replacing them with a more functional and up to date neutral - that is very clear in the language, where it is asked to open the "women category" (Judith Butler) to anyone who perceives themselves as such, inviting those born women to be content with belonging to the sub-category of "bodies with vaginas" (The Lancet, see here).

For this name themselves as women, resisting the invasion of being a woman by men has become a eminent political act.

This X Factor is an excellent opportunity to propose reflection to the younger ones natural-born fluid.

Marina Terragni

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