The disappearance of women/2: this time from the English boards of directors
Thousands of large English companies will have to communicate the number of women on their boards of directors, also for the purpose of assessing differences in pay. Sheldon Mills, director of FCA, the regulatory body that oversees the survey, proposes that males who perceive themselves as women should also be included in the count, distorting the statistics. It's not difficult to understand why: Mills is also the director of Stonewall, a powerful LGBTQ organization that continues to dictate the law in the UK

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For those who still have doubts about the fact that gender identity and gender neutral policies lead to the erasure of women, after the pop example of X Factor (see here), here's another rather sensational one.

He writes The Times That a thousand large British companies, including Unilever and Astrazeneca, is required to declare the percentage of women on their boards. The main reason is to evaluate and correct the gender pay gap, that is, the difference in wages between women and men at the same level and performance.

But this time too Stonewall, a large LGBTQ organisation, has had its powerful and omnipresent hand in it.

According to the rules proposed by Sheldon Mills, executive director of the Financial Contact Authority (FCA), regulator for more than 51 thousand financial services in the UK, biological males who identify as women must also be included in the calculation of women who sit on boards of directors, although English law does not allow self-id, i.e. self-certification of gender.

Not only this it will distort the statistics on the presence of women on the boards, but it will be also misleading with regards to the gender pay gap.

Let's take the example of a man who declares himself a woman in his mature years: well, this man will not have previously suffered any discrimination linked to biological sex - that is, to the fact of being born in a woman's body - in his career and in his remuneration. This will necessarily result in a underestimation of the gender pay gap to the detriment of women.

The fun fact, let's put it this way, is that Sheldon Mills as well as being the executive director of FCA who pushed for this solution - for the benefit of males who identify as women and the male system tout court - he is also an executive at Stonewall: in fact, a position of clear conflict of interest.

The “Mills protocol” will make women disappear in a fluid and undifferentiated pile-up.

Marina Terragni

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