The trans lobby erases women and mothers
In an interview with Le Figaro Marie-Jo Bonnet and Nicole Athéa, authors of Quand les filles deviennent des garçons, analyze the political and economic strength of transactivism. And they define the path of many girls who decide to "become boys" as social and medical femicide

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On Le Figaro Aziliz Le Corre interviews Marie-Jo Bonnet (feminist and historian of the women's movement and homosexuality) e Nicole Athea (gynecologist and expert in adolescent medicine), authors of When the girls deviennent from garcons (Odile Jacob editions). Here is the translated interview.


What is meant, today, by what you call the “trans lobby”? Is this something we should worry about?

Everywhere in the Western world the influence of transactivism has become very important and continues to spread. If this led to the necessary recognition of trans people, their civil and legal rights, they exist aspects of trans ideology that have become very problematic. Powerful associations have financially supported its diffusion: the Mermaids association in Great Britain, Dentons, which presents itself as the largest law firm in the world, and the Reuters foundation aim to support militant organizations throughout the world to influence politics (we talked to you about the principles developed by Dentons here, ed.). They have drafted a report that collects the "best practices" on trans lobbying, for the purpose of changing the laws. And then, Karey Burke, president of the Disney, promises to favor people who are part of the LGBT community... the list of associations and people who support and/or finance LGBT militants is long. In France, the influence of trans ideology is present in certain media and is very important on social media; the number of trans associations continues to grow, and some are financed by the state, especially through the Dilcrah (Délégation interministérielle à la lutte contre le racisme, l’antisémitisme et la haine anti-Lgbt); this legitimation allows them to go to schools for sex education. Political influence figures in the report on the health of trans people compiled by a trans-affirmative activist and doctor, requested by the then Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, and supported by Igas (Inspection générale des affaires sociales). A. is observed growing number of people in favor of trans ideology and more generally woke in the University. All this explains the importance that trans ideology has assumed in such a short time in our country.

You wrote about the girls who have made the transition, that "they do not assume their desire as women for another woman's body, just as they refuse to fit into traditional definitions of the feminine." According to you, transsexuals are homosexuals who are not accepted…isn't that a bit caricatural?

In fact, that's not what we say. We do not deny at all that transitions can have different causes; However, some girls who have detransitioned testify to their homosexuality and attribute their request to transition to internalized homophobia. We similarly see the great frequency of homosexual desires among adolescents, desires that disturb them greatly and that our clinical colleagues tell us about. These can influence the transition request of certain children, often carriers, on the other hand, of great psychic vulnerabilities. When girls become boys whose partners are often girls, these desires become easier to assume.

How is the trans movement countercurrent to the second wave of feminism?

Our feminism recognizes women's sex-based rights, because it is sex that generated the discrimination that women have experienced and can still experience. When referring to gender, many women's needs are evaded, particularly those relating to motherhood. In certain disputes with transactivists, It is sex that needs to be taken into account and not gender: for example, the inclusion of trans people in sports competitions women constitutes a problem because their physical strength no longer allows "biological" women to be in a situation of equality: the athletics federation has just recognized this. The entrance of trans women in prisons It also poses major problems. The massive increase in the number of young people who identify as trans is characterized by a particular numerical ratio: sTwo and a half times more girls ask for a transition than boys. Such a mass of questions cannot be explained except through social factors, which we try to explain in our book. If these girls have great difficulty with the feminine, there are many who do not want to become boys. The significant number of girls thus "erased" can be compared to a new form of social and medical "femicide".

You, as feminists, did not participate in the disincarnation of the female body, in particular wanting to free women from motherhood?

Women have demanded contraception and the freedom to have an abortion in the name of reclaiming their bodies and mastering their fertility, as evidenced by the slogan "A child if I want it and when I want it". We defended the possibility of not being mothers if you didn't want to, and we wanted motherhood in a chosen temporality, which would allow optimal conditions for establishing a good relationship between a mother and her child. The fragmentation of the feminine, which you call “disembodiment”, is a reality of ours neoliberal era which made its debut with medically assisted procreation (PMA) techniques. It created a “puzzle” of motherhood: between conservation of oocytes, "donation" of oocytes (which is actually a sale), GPA requested by men, in which every maternal biological filiation is cancelled, "pregnant men", trans women declared biological mothers without gestation (in the name of fact that they participated in filiation through their sperm), the erasure of mothers is at work through the exploitation of all female reproductive elements. We understand why so many young women refuse to identify as feminine.

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