Non-Mother's Day
Natural motherhood is on the right, biotech motherhood is on the left because it is thought of as a right and not suffered as destiny: the diatribe on this topic between radical feminism and transfeminism could be summarized in this way. E' anything but new but it has become radicalized. Also because the context has changed a lot: the baby boom is one thing, births at an all-time low are another

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The other day at the minister Eugenia Roccella he was prevented from saying what he had to say, right or wrong, to the States General of Natality. The students who contested it were able to express their requests -one of their delegates went on stage, and also included Gaza in her speech, right or wrong- but this was evidently not enough because the minister was still prevented from intervening.

Maybe I'm wrong, but if I were convinced that one of my political opponents is planning to say things that violate my freedom and my self-determination, I would not wait to hear her speak and then even more so refute and/or stigmatize what she says, but these students don't think that way and they believe gagging is good political practice.

Talking about birth rate and demographic crisis is not taboo only today, according to the so-called antagonistic transfeminism: he tried it a few years ago Minister of Health Beatrice Lorenzin and she too was overwhelmed by boos. Elsewhere things are very different: when - and with excellent results from a demographic point of view - France faced the issue of the birth rate with determination, no one dreamed of contesting those policies which even today could constitute an interesting model.

Personally when I talk about birth rate I choose as a starting point the desire of individual women and not demographics: but I am not a minister and I can decide with greater freedom.

What is certain, I know that no one will come to challenge and gag you if you choose to address the issue of free abortion as a starting point for talking about motherhood, or if you talk about assisted fertilization techniques, Of oocyte cryopreservation, Of reproductive biotech, Of uterus for rent, of single motherhood by choice you hate motherhood of trans men who give birth with their female bodies and then ask to be registered as fathers. These are all permitted and indeed hoped for ways of approaching the topic of motherhood. This is the progressive way of talking about motherhood.

But if you simply have in mind a girl who, at the height of her fertile age, may have the desire to become a mother without having to reduce herself at the last minute, without even having to resort to a "simple" homologous fertilization, and if you think it is right create the best social, economic and even symbolic conditions for her so that she can freely give effect to her desire, possibly disillusioned about the performance of PMA (medically assisted procreation) and practicing a real risk disclosure on the topic of her and her partner's possible infertility, here is: if you try to venture a discussion on this -I speak for myself, not for the minister- then you are definitely reactionary, bigoted, frankly fascist and want to deprive women of their self-determination.

To put it crudely: thebeing a mother is in itself rather right-wing because nature with its opportunities and its limits is right-wing, unless motherhood happens through a series of biotechnological vicissitudes, and then it is undoubtedly leftist because then you really chose that motherhood, and it doesn't matter if you had to buy it on the neoliberal market who you say you want to fight against. In the first case you are not truly free because you suffer a destiny, in the second case yes because you are exercising a right and today freedom is essentially this, exercising rights, even more or less invented rights such as that of "parenthood".

Rights are the unique measure of every freedom.

Motherhood is the moment in which, retracing the initial stages of life in emotional symbiosis with her child, the woman de-acculturates herself. It sees the world as a product foreign to the primary needs of the existence that it relives. Motherhood is her 'journey'”. (Carla Lonzi, Let's spit on Hegel, 1970). From the same year, 1970,  The dialectic of the sexes. Male authoritarianism and late capitalist society in which Shulamith Firestone, pushing the theses of Simone De Beauvoir (whose Second Sex was published in 1949, in full baby boomers) argued that “pregnancy is barbaric is that "pregnancy is the temporary deformation of the individual in the interest of the species”.

Well, apparently we're still there (with one difference, if you consider it relevant: births are at yet another historic low).


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