Jama: when men give birth

In an incredible, recently published study, the American Medical Association's journal, one of the most important in the field, tries to give scientific backing to the idea that childbirth is not just a female experience. Because if it were exclusive, it would also be exclusionary. An operation on language in collision with reality
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As you know ct are words that can no longer be used especially in international scientific documents and studies. At the top of the list of tabooed words all terms that have to do with female difference understood as the exclusive possibility of giving birth to human beingsand therefore: 'woman' -if biologically understood and not open to define persons not born women-, 'mother' e "maternal', "breasts', with reference to breastfeeding and so on.

The operation on language has the objective of qualifying the female-maternal experience as voluntarily 'excluding' (instead of, as is the case, objectively exclusive) and therefore to stigmatise it when it is not open to include people who claim to belong to the male gender.

Motherhood is the epicentre of a neo-patriarchal language revolution -and the ensuing political operations- aimed at keeping it on the fringes as an 'abject (Julia Kristeva) who cannot claim to found civilisations.

An illuminating example is the recent study published by Jama -Journal of the American Medical Association, among the most important journals in the medical field-. Title: 'Pregnancy outcomes in a US cohort of transgender people'. The 'transgender people' in question are biological women who identify themselves as men who give birth (but no man can gestate and give birth, if you do not have a female body you cannot do it).

Jama: quando gli uomini partoriscono

"Transgender, non-binary and gender diverse (trans) people," it is written, "have worse health outcomes than cisgender people. Trans people can and do get pregnant, but information is as limited as aidati on pregnancy outcomes. Barriers to accessing prenatal care, minority stress and stigma, and previous or ongoing use of testosterone can place trans people at high risk of perinatal complications'. It is quite intuitive that Stuffing oneself with male hormones can create considerable problems for both the mother - who obviously claims to be called a father - and the unborn child.

These subjects are referred to by the study as "male patients at the time of delivery": as if there was a possibility of being brought into the world through a male sex.

The study notes a fewer caesarean sections among trans people giving birth (they are generally younger than the women who identify themselves as women and whom the study names as cis). The "severe parental morbidity (also known as severe maternal morbidity)' or the severe parental morbidity (also known as severe maternal morbidity): there is a clear intention not to use the word mother and to putting the few experiences of dysphoric women and the overwhelming majority of mothers on an equal footing serenely accommodated in their being women. So language, which belongs to all, has to conform to the needs of a small minority: against the minority stress of a few, we all get stressed and deleted.

A distinction is made between 'birthing' and 'non-birthing trans people'. omitting the fact that theand 'birthing' can only give birth because their sexual body is female.

The results of the study are not particularly relevant. Instead, the extraordinary commitment on the language front, a real struggle with material reality with the aim of minimising it, making it 'abject' and residual in the face of hallucinatory self-perception that must prevail. Above all, it notes that conducting the ideological operation is not a queer magazine but one of the most important, if not the most important magazine in the field, committed to offering scientific grounding to the sensational fola of men who can give birth.

Marina Terragni

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