Omicron drama: we are also to blame

At the most difficult time in our republican history, we find ourselves with the most inadequate political class ever. It is also our fault that we have left room for the mediocre by practising extraneousness, keeping our political passion outside the institutions and failing to adequately support those of us who would like to bring the female difference to them. Let us think very carefully next time
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Dear all, and also dear readers, from my Milanese point of view I can say without fear of contradiction that practically all families - including my own, and including the many one-person families- are currently affected by Covidwhich will make this end of 2021 unforgettable.

I can also state without fear of contradiction the The distance between those who govern cities and territories and the problems of citizens, who are currently left to their own devices, is immense, often without any treatment, and even without a diagnosis, as there are no swabs available, as opposed to guaranteed free of charge in London, Paris, CopenhagenI limit myself to these capitals from which I have direct feedback.

Mayors, councillors, governors, councillors: everyone is talking about something else. Citizens talk almost exclusively about Covid, and our governments remain silent.

I have good reason to believe that things are like that more or less all over Italy, they call me and tell me, and not only here. Even if the thing seen from here, "The Place to Be", makes more of an impression.

I want to say that this situation is also our fault, and I explain in what sense: I know many wonderful women, strong, capable - and also men, but here I want to talk mainly about them - who would be able to bring all their talent, their difference, their maternal competence to the governance of cities and territories. Women whom, with very rare exceptions, the parties are careful not to select and propose because they know they cannot count on their blind obedience: they generally call them, "pain in the ass", or precisely the work that needs to be done.

Women who know exactly what care is - to stay with the current situation - and that is first of all relationship, attention, love.

Unfortunately, we do not have these women in government, or we have too few.

Possessing other talents, shining a light of their own, and well aware of the frustration and sense of powerlessness experienced in the male-dominated politics of representation, these women - as well as many men of goodwill - are the ones who have the power to make a difference. have devoted themselves to other things and with profit, delegating work in the institutions to an unbearable number of mediocrities, people who have no light of their own. only by making a 'political career' can he aspire to prestige and visibility, preferably for life. The main concern of most of these women and men, once in, is how to get back in the next time, and the next time, and forever, without ever risking anything, without love for others and for the world.

In a nutshell: In the most dramatic moment of our republican history we find ourselves with the poorest political class ever, basically incapable of practising love, responsibility and freedom.

The fault is also ours, those of us who have shirked -those who wanted it, mind you, but also of those of us who we did not sufficiently support those who wanted it and who needed our support, because then there would be a chance, not in all cases it would succeed, but in some cases it would. Some, properly supported, would have been able to discard, to pose with authority, to impose their competence and love.

Let us not make this mistake again. Let us not make this mistake again in the future. Let us think carefully before we keep ourselves out, before we allow ourselves to be marginalised, before we do not support the desire of those among us who, in full conscience, feel like trying.

Happy New Year to all.

Marina Terragni

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