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The theme of "rights" - from gender identity to the rented womb - is not complementary or lateral, but outlines the horizon towards which we are moving. But the post-human perspective pursued by progressives is not unique and ineluctable. The alternative exists: a civilization rooted in women

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Representing the Zan bill, in the Senate with very little chance of it passing - when instead other solutions, such as the Scalfarotto bill, would have ensured a law against homobitransphobia - PD secretary Letta has repeatedly underlined that the issue of rights is decisive for his party.

However, it is a rights issue always placed as complementary, to the side of issues considered much more relevant: war, of course, economic issues but also simply the electoral law.

In truth, most of the political game today is played precisely on what are called "rights".

It is true that the rented womb or the hormonization of children or free gender identity are issues that would seem to concern only a minority of the population. But today, 33 years after the end of the Cold War, It is precisely these themes that outline the horizon in which we move - or, differently, which we resist.

These themes outline what we call post-human or transhuman horizon, who thinks of natural humanity as archaic and surmountable. What technologies allow us to do immediately becomes legitimate and desirable. The human is no longer a model for machines, on the contrary, machines are the model for human corporeity, starting from the moment of reproduction.

The same progressive political field that supports the protection of nature and the environment therefore promotes the disempowerment of the mother and the denaturation of the human.

The transhuman horizon is presented as an inescapable destiny, but things are not like that.

Ivan Illich, father of contemporary ecologism, in Gender. For a historical critique of equality– had prophesied that things could end this way, explaining that the disappearance of sex towards the neutral «it is the decisive condition for the rise of capitalism and a way of life that depends on industrially produced goods" And "it degrades women (…) even more than men" Why "the common language of the industrial age is simultaneously neutral and sexist." and he concluded by stating that «negative growth is necessary to reduce sexism."

The fight against unruly capitalism and the fight for women's freedom, resistance to neutralization and opposition to marketism therefore give shape to a single objective that could be defined as "survival of the human world". Because, Illich explains further, «the fight against sexism coincides with efforts to reduce environmental destruction and with attempts to challenge the radical monopoly of goods and services on needs".

Affirm that the body exists, letting him think and speak is an unavoidable preliminary step against the intrusiveness of the patrimarket.

Resist calling yourself women it is the first move of this non-violent struggle.

The alternative to the transhuman model is that female-rooted civilization which is no longer based on the individual and his rights, but keeps the relationship at the center understood as an indivisible social atom. In this light, for example, it would be important to think about a right whose subject is the relationship, and no longer the individual: a huge and revolutionary job.

This is the direction in which we want to move, understanding these issues as ultra-political - which cannot be avoided, as often happens, because they are considered "divisive": most of the match is played there.

The transhuman model presents itself as unique, inevitable and invincible: it is not.

It can be bitter to have to note, coming from many of us from a left-wing background, that the The transhuman model is pursued and propagated precisely by progressives and liberals throughout the democratic West. But there are too many things to do to be sad about it.

Marina Terragni

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