From Clitoral Woman to Anal Woman

If you shy away from that kind of sex then you are old, repressed and even exclusionary. Because as transfeminism teaches, women are only a minority in the Lgbtq world and must adapt to 'equal' sexual practices, renouncing the 'privilege' of their own modes of pleasure. And by erasing the truth of their own bodies and desire. Thus, erasing themselves
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Have Italian men always been so obsessed with anal sex?

For the generation of 40 and under, anal sex, ubiquitous in pornography, is now increasingly forced upon women in real life as well.

Despite all the talk about sex and sexuality, the female body and sexuality are more taboo than ever. The girls do not confront each other, each is isolated and is driven to believe that they having to 'make an effort', because they all do. Even those who in practice refuse to do so are still convinced that "for man the best hole is that one, because it is narrower" and are made to feel guilty if they do not feel it.

Where does this imposition come from? Undoubtedly the rampant pornography helped normalise the practice. But pornography is just misogynist propaganda.

The 'obligation' to anal sex is imposed not only by men on women, by boys -porn addicts- on girls, but also by women on other women. Often it is the so-called 'transfeminists' who operate in the mainstream - you only have to see newspapers and magazines aimed at a female-youth target group that devote numerous features to anal sex - and do sex education in schools to propose anal sex to girls as a form of 'self-determination' and shouting 'anal sex against capital' in the squares (usually seen in Non Una di Meno processions).

These women who identify themselves as 'transfeminists' have completely reversed the direction that difference feminism in the 1970s pointed women in. If Carla Lonzi proposed to the girls the passage from Vaginal Woman to Clitoral Woman, transfeminism imposes the Anal Woman as a model of sexual freedom. If you don't accept it, if you don't like it, you feel humiliated and degraded by the practice, you are repressed and 'old' (and even 'exclusionary') regardless of your age.

In his 1971 essay The clitoral woman and the vaginal woman, Lonzi indicated the Vaginal Woman as subject to coital-masculine pleasure and told the truth about women's bodies: the organ of female sexual pleasure is not the vagina but the clitoris.

The Clitoral Woman symbolically represents the autonomy of female desire, and not only sexual desire.

Transfeminism not only returns to a penetrative sexuality -according to which the woman needs the phallus to experience pleasure- but replacing vaginal penetration with anal penetration definitively erases the female body. No longer is the vagina the 'hole' to be penetrated, but that other 'hole' that is not the prerogative of women. It is, in this logic, about equal neutrality with male and queer homosexual practices.

Anal Woman is woman without the 'privilege' of the female body.

Anal Woman is also thea woman whom the man can penetrate for his pleasure, but who does not become pregnant -In the age of denatality, paternal rejection and Big Fertility, the 'contraceptive property' of anal sex does not escape men. Neither do girls, who have been made to believe that it is better to escape the 'burning house' of the female body and the great gift of being able to create life.

In the face of the propaganda of transfeminism that is now everywhere, from schools to the social networks of the very young to the business world, Today, we young women need difference thinking more than ever.

This ideological shift is potentially devastating for female identity, may also have to do with the epidemic of vulvodynia, disorder that is rampant among young women. But we will talk about that another time.

Maria Celeste

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