From historical materialism to post-human immaterialism: the new horizon of the left
Gender identity takes the place of the soul and becomes the new opium of the people, distributed liberally by progressivism which puts itself at the service of global transhuman multinationals. Long live rights and freedom!

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It would be interesting if a historian - better yet a historian - applied himself to researching and analyzing the reasons why from historical materialism, the criterion for interpreting everything that is real, the left has moved on to a real one immaterialism post-human, key to an obsessive politics of rights based on invisible and changing "perceptions", surrogates of that soul whose denial has structured every form of real socialism.

The new opium of the people it is gender identity, mother of all perceptions, sedative distributed liberally by progressive groups in the West, from Joe Biden to Enrico Letta. A question that will probably be of little interest to the younger ones freed from this burden, but what it is overwhelming so-called historical feminism, which has always had an effective and stormy relationship with the left. Not having found any plan of interlocution, tenaciously pursued, with the left-wing promoters of the various Equality Acts, Ley Trans or Ddl Zan, whatever you want to call it - the same thing everywhere - was the definitive cold shower, destined to produce significant political consequences.

Since 1989 - but also before - the left has found itself facing the not irrelevant problem of having to re-profile its horizon, definitively cleared of the Winter Palaces and any revolutionary perspective. But no one could have imagined that this would be the outcome from the masses we would have moved on to the atomized individual, from the revolution of the people to the revolt of the individual against his own flesh, an oppressive cage for that multicolored substitute for the soul to which the name of gender identity has been given.

To free this animate, the body must be denied and preferably tortured from an early age. A sort of symbolic hair shirt. AND the value of the relationship, which has always been the center of gravity of female-rooted humanism, is minimized to the advantage of that post-human individual disconnected from everything, even from its own material substance, the perfect subject for every possible global market.

It remains to be understood, but here we really need a historian, why today the left has given itself the task of representing the reasons and above all the budgets and dividends of the post- and trans-human global multinationals - it could perhaps be called post-market or trans-market That they make profits on the annihilation of relationships, on the mortification of human flesh, on the definitive control of sexuality and reproduction.

But do they know what they are doing?

Forward or single, to the rescue! Long live rights and freedom!

Marina Terragni

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