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11 September 2021
Rebecca Solnit refuses to talk to me
Identitarianism disaster: I was supposed to interview the American essayist at Mantua's Festivaletteratura but 24 hours before the meeting she cancelled, opting for a speech without a debate. She was told that I was 'transphobic' and that she would get into trouble. Here are my questions, which she wanted in advance: you judge.
When I announced on Twitter that I would be interviewing Rebecca Solnit at the Festivaletteratura in Mantua, a user warned me: "A transfeminist open to debate?". I would never have imagined that 24 hours before the meeting, with no respect for my work, Solnit would have refused the dialogue - opting for a short speech without a debate - because, according to her, I am 'transphobic'. Dear Twitter friend, I should have listened to you. Things like this have happened to many others, and many times. JK Rowling, a [...]
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26 December 2020
Judith Butler: 'Calling them Terfs is right'. On conflicts in feminism
Thirty years ago, the now 64-year-old philosopher Judith Butler published a book that revolutionised popular perceptions of gender. "Gender trouble", the work for which she is best known, introduced the idea of gender as performance and raised questions about how we define the category of "women" and who feminism claims to be fighting for. Today, "Gender Trouble" is considered the seminal text in any bibliography of gender studies and its arguments have passed [...]
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