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7 March 2021
"Good girls': telling women as they really are
Despite the opening monologue, perhaps Good Girls, a series produced by Jenna Bans (visible on Netflix) is not exactly feminist. But it's still worth a mention. The series is about three busy Detroit mums grappling with an impromptu career in crime and the struggles of being a woman in a patriarchal world. We'll recognize ourselves in familiar details, for better or worse: the struggle of dealing with one's mother-in-law, the insidious bonds that trap us, the toxic relationships with men who [...]
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10 January 2021
Feminism, sorority, friendship: the narrative of TV series about women
The year 2020 was the year par excellence in which the comparison and continuous reflection on television series became, from a happy art of conversation, a sure ground for communication and exchange. It was not difficult, thanks to the surplus time during the surreal spring and Christmas quarantine, to form a personal overview of what, series after series, emerges as a returning feminine value: friendship between women connoted with the immense power of the unrepeatable. Following the sociological cataclysm triggered by the [...]
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21 December 2020
Thinking, and thinking cheerfully in this complicated time, overwhelmed by two irresistible female protagonists: one, Miriam (Midge) Maisel (Rachel Brosnahan), a young and well-to-do Jewish New Yorker lady from the Upper West Side who, after the trauma of her break-up with her husband who was convinced - mistakenly - that he was a great comedian, turns out to be -yes, she is- a terrific and irreverent comedian, a great stand-up comedian, almost the feminine of Lenny Bruce (to whom a poignant portrait is dedicated); and the other, Susie Myerson (Alex Borstein), the [...]
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