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8 March 2021
As on earth, so in heaven: 6 meetings on women's spirituality and ecology
Starting on 9 March, the Academy of Spirituality and Ecology is promoting a cycle of six meetings entitled "As on earth, so in heaven" with the aim of illustrating the profound connection between the way we think about nature, the earth, the universe and our relationship with the environment that nourishes us and surrounds us. A unique training opportunity to rediscover "the need for a cosmic spirituality, which allows us to recover the sacredness of women's bodies and the earth, in a situation where [...]
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30 January 2021
A gift: 10 practices for women who love politics
The document we are proposing to you is the result of the reflections of women who are passionate about politics, and is addressed to women who are already present in institutions or interested in becoming part of them, to those who aspire to undertake government action, and to those who work in groups, associations and movements, proposing 10 practices that can accompany and make the political desire of each of them more aware. We propose it as a gift, bearing in mind the occasion of the imminent local elections in many Italian cities. FOREWORD This [...]
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