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10 January 2022
Unicorns and other 'fabulous' creatures: how to make little girls hate their female bodies
Winged horses, rainbows, the pink-blue of trans flags: the same symbols shared by the LGBT world and childhood. Especially by young girls, led to believe that freedom means becoming like those imaginary and neutral creatures, escaping a female "destiny" represented as suffering and impossibility of choice.
For a long time now we have seen symbols and images spreading among girls and boys that unequivocally refer to the common Pride symbolism. Until a couple of decades ago, the Rainbow flag was the planetary symbol of Peace, peace between men and gods in both the biblical and classical worlds. Similarly, the Unicorn, a fantastic animal of the medieval bestiaries, symbol of Chastity, has found new life thanks to fantasy novels and films, and is spreading among [...]
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22 May 2021
Nullification, sex nullification surgery
The Alignal Surgical Association of San Francisco specialises in nullification surgery, a sex-removal surgery specifically for non-binary people. The surgery completely removes the genitals and gives a doll-like pubis.
The Alignal Surgical Association of San Francisco (here) specialises in nullification surgery, especially for non-binary people. The images you see here are of a man who has undergone complete castration without subsequent reconstruction of a pseudo-vagina, and whose pubis has taken on the appearance of a doll's pubis. The inconsistency of sex, which gender theory replaces with gender identity, becomes a physical demolition. People who are [...]
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