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9 February 2022
Iranian Nobel Peace Prize candidate launches 'No Hijab Day'.
In solidarity with women in Iran and Afghanistan who risk being whipped and imprisoned if they refuse to cover their heads, Masih Alinejad called for mobilisation. She is concerned that the new US law against "Islamophobic" acts will silence all criticism. And for that Western liberal feminism that speaks of the veil as freedom. This is why she is accused of "not loving Islam".
As part of the 'Let Us Talk' social media campaign, Iranian human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Masih Alinejad launched 'No Hijab Day' in order to raise awareness about Iranian and Afghan women being forced to wear the veil against their will. Alinejad judges very harshly the liberal and "intersectional" feminism that casually speaks of the hijab as a free choice. Iran requires women to wear the hijab from the age of seven. Women can [...]
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