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6 August 2021
Trans, femminielli and the mother's body
The Anglo-Saxon Lgbtq culture distorts the ancient Mediterranean wisdom of sexual difference. And even the femminielli today want to be called women. Breaking with the symbolic order of the mother to surrender to the law of the father.
In Italy, the transcult came as a surprise. We would never have believed it. Some of us had been following events in the UK for some time - starting with the attempt, eventually shelved, to reform the Gender Recognition Act - and overseas, but we were wrong to think that nothing of the kind would ever happen here. In Southern Europe, gender identity is presented as a cultural injustice. When I try to tell my Anglo-Saxon sisters about the millennial culture of sexual differences in the Mediterranean basin, I often [...]
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7 February 2021
One year after In Radice - For the Inviolability of the Female Body
One year after In Radice- Per l'Inviolabilità del Corpo Femminile, Naples, 1 February 2020. The meaning and relevance of that text (you can read it here): we talk about it in this video
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12 January 2021
Chronicle of a vaccination
A first day at school, in fact the first ever. The same emotions and anxieties, a negative dream in the night. I dreamt that in the morning I was going for my vaccination without a mask and I was getting nervous on the way because I didn't know if they would let me into the hospital and therefore allow me to be vaccinated. I tried to cover my face with a scarf, but it kept slipping and not responding to its mission. When I woke up in the morning I devoted myself to [...].
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