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14 November 2021
Luna and the 'mother' buyer who didn't want her
There was no attachment between the 'commissioning' woman and the child born from a surrogate mother. Out of "envious" rivalry towards the mother who gave birth to her. And because if you buy a child as a thing, you can always discard it. This case is just the tip of the iceberg of the complex relational dynamics that are triggered when you resort to this practice. And it is always the children who pay the highest price.
Luna, born through a surrogate mother, is a perfectly healthy child. The 'intended parents' (as the surrogate parents are usually called) usually have second thoughts when the child is born with a handicap. A few years ago there was the famous case of Gammy, suffering from Down's syndrome and a heart malformation, who was born to a Thai 'surrogate mother'. The Australian commissioners only took back the 'perfect product', a healthy twin, discarding the defective little brother. Despite financial difficulties (otherwise she would not have lent [...]
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