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14 June 2021
Homotransphobia: going back to the old Scalfarotto proposal to break the deadlock on the Zan dossier
The Scalfarotto bill against homotransphobia did not include gender identity, misogyny-misandry and compulsory education in schools: precisely the issues on which feminism is now exercising its criticism. Abandoning the Zan bill and returning to that text could be the solution to break the deadlock.
For about a year now, feminism - and not only feminism - has been asking for changes to the Zan bill: here are the demands, always the same. Unfortunately, the position of the PD has gradually become more and more rigid. Initially, only Zan and Cirinnà were opposed to any change in the text. Subsequently, Secretary Letta himself and the PD exponent in the Senate Justice Commission Franco Mirabelli closed any possibility of mediation. The work of the Justice Commission is currently paralysed in a discouraging wall-to-wall situation. [...]
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