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11 June 2021
We would have liked to save you, Saman
No cultural relativism can justify the acceptance of religions or cultures in which women are subjected to men by law, in an odd citizenship. Feminism must be unequivocal on this point.
(in memory of Nadia Riva) Saman was killed by her family for refusing a forced marriage and for wanting to live as a non-Muslim Italian girl. It would have been nice if, like Malika, a fund-raising campaign had been started for you before you were made to disappear. Unfortunately, however, your story and your request for help did not reach the right ears and perhaps they would not have even noticed. It would have been nice if [...]
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13 April 2021
Omissis on Malika
Malika's story is horrifying, that's for sure. When expressions like 'I'll cut your throat' run around in a family, things are going very badly indeed. These are probably common expressions when it comes to domestic violence. And violence against women is an incredibly widespread phenomenon. Only this time, unlike usual, the verbal violence was recorded and broadcast online and on TV. Malika Chalhy has a brother called Samir, her father is called Aberrazak (the origin is Moroccan). The [...]
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27 March 2021
'Prey: immigration, Islam and the erosion of women's rights', the latest book by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Few women in the world are at the centre of so much hostility and accusations of hypocrisy as Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She denounces Islam for its absolutism and intolerance, discrediting the religion of over a billion people by calling it a 'nihilistic death cult'. Her story perhaps makes her antagonism understandable: she was forced to undergo genital mutilation as a child in Somalia, fled to the Netherlands to escape an arranged marriage and as an adult saw the [...]
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13 March 2021
The left, the right, the veil
Senate President Maria Elena Alberti Casellati is a distinguished lady with a polite smile and a bombastic name. Politically, she is on the right. In other times we would have defined her as a conservative Christian Democrat. She is also a stranger to feminism, which did not prevent her, in her inaugural speech, from speaking firmly and non-rhetorically about the phenomenon of misogynistic violence. I happened to think of her again after the webinar on Veil and Freedom with Marina Terragni, Sara Punzo and Maryan Ismail. [...]
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