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16 May 2021
Uterus transplantation for trans MtF (male born)
Not only 'pregnant men' (trans FtMs, born women) as covered by L'Espresso: bioethical criteria for uterus transplants have recently been revised. The uterus can also be received by trans-MTFs, i.e. biologically male. For a complete transition
The cover of the latest issue of l'Espresso probably appears to most as a provocation. Those who follow certain scientific literature, however, know well that what was drawn is already reality, and has been for a while. Pregnancies in women who identify themselves as men - FtM, the acronym (Female to Male) - such as the one drawn on the cover of the weekly - are certainly nothing new: it is sufficient to search the sector databases (Scopus or WOS or Pubmed, for example, recognised for scientific publications evaluated for [...].
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