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30 May 2021
The health care we want: women's difference in care
Value of care, community health, the maternal relationship model: how women can govern health for all, while remaining themselves
The book project The Health Care We Want. Women-oriented care comes from the work and experience of women in medicine during the long suspended time of the pandemic. An infinite shift made up of elementary and specialist care, of consolidated experience and experimentation, of "cold blood" and fragility, in which their presence made the difference. After the first phase of the lockdown, with the ineffectiveness of the directorates, the uselessness of the managerial pyramids, the absence of a long look of the policy, we have analysed the [...]
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12 January 2021
Chronicle of a vaccination
A first day at school, in fact the first ever. The same emotions and anxieties, a negative dream in the night. I dreamt that in the morning I was going for my vaccination without a mask and I was getting nervous on the way because I didn't know if they would let me into the hospital and therefore allow me to be vaccinated. I tried to cover my face with a scarf, but it kept slipping and not responding to its mission. When I woke up in the morning I devoted myself to [...].
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31 December 2020
After Covid: notes for a new city. In view of the administrative elections
Next spring - more likely, because of Covid-19, next autumn - there will be a vote to renew the administration of many Italian cities: Rome, Milan, Naples, Bologna, Turin and many others. In other words, the places where we live, forge our relationships, have our closest affections, work, think and act. This time more than ever, with the need for transformative practices brutally accelerated by Covid and with the (rather moderate and insufficient) 'reformist' projects underway in the various cities, the local elections are [...]
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