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14 December 2021
Can you call a male who perceives himself as a woman a 'man'? Australian court says it is not defamation
"We agree that discussion and debate on this issue is in the public interest," the ruling states. In agreeing with journalist Beth Rep, who was accused by Bridget Clinch, born Matthew Clinch, a former Australian Army captain, of "victimising" him by saying he was a man...
It is called compelled speech, and the aim is to make us say that they, the men, are women if they perceive themselves as such. It is the basis of gender identity ideology: I am a woman if I say so. Calling them 'women' but calling women 'menstruators'; new names -career aliases- and pronouns: neo-language serves to nip opposition and free thought in the bud. That is why they claim that it is an outrage to say that 'they' are not women at all, and even that it is 'violence'. E [...]
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