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27 June 2022
How they won the war against Roe
Failure to turn Roe v. Wade into law was the capital mistake of the American left, starting with Barack Obama. Abortion was an entirely secondary issue for trans-politics-absorbed liberals, who have spent years erasing the word 'woman' by renaming it as 'menstruator' and 'uterus carrier', rather than addressing women's rights
Come hanno fatto i pro-life americani a vincere la guerra contro la sentenza Roe v. Wade? Nell’articolo di cui vi presentiamo ampli stralci la giornalista Sarah Ditum spiega come l’incuria e l’arroganza dei democratici hanno involontariamente aiutato a riportare indietro di 50 anni i diritti delle donne in America. ------------------------------------------------ "Quando è diventato certo che il diritto all'aborto delle donne americane sarebbe stato revocato? La sentenza della Corte Suprema secondo la quale "Roe era terribilmente sbagliata fin dall'inizio" è trapelata quasi due mesi […]
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4 June 2021
How President Obama introduced gender identity in American schools
Without any clear definition or public debate, gender identity has become a guiding principle in US educational institutions. The proactive role of the former president and of the powerful Pritzker family, leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, has made gender identity a key principle in US educational institutions.
A decade ago, most teachers, headmasters and students in primary and secondary schools had never heard the terms 'transgender' or 'gender identity'. In a decade, everything has changed. By now every teacher, headmaster and student across America has heard these terms, even if they are not quite sure what they mean. The concept of 'gender identity' often changes depending on who is talking. There has never been a legal definition or [...]
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