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2 December 2021
Dutch paedophile sells sex dolls in the shape of babies and children. Claiming they are 'therapeutic'
According to Bram Joosten and other manufacturers of similar objects, horrifying 'penetrable' and torturable dolls are supposed to reduce actual abuse. It's the exact opposite. Baby sex dolls increase paedophilia and 'desensitise' people to the harm that comes from abusing little girls and boys. Repugnant
" Warning: This search contains disturbing content related to issues of paedophilia. All photos in this article have been censored by 4W, and the information will be forwarded to the authorities for their review (see note at the end of the article for details).Readers' discretion is appreciated. A Dutch dealer selling sex dolls in the guise of children and babies advertises the disturbing items as "therapeutic for paedophiles" and hosts forums where sick men - some of [...]
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