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25 April 2021
Grillo and his mother in Rape Trial: same words, absolute difference
The shocking effect of Processo per stupro (Rape trial), a 1979 film made by six RAI programmers, filmmakers and directors (Loredana Rotondo, Rony Daopulo, Paola De Martis, Annabella Miscuglio, Maria Grazia Belmonti, Anna Carini) was perhaps only comparable to the earthquake produced by the Franca Viola case, a Sicilian girl who in 1966 had refused a reparatory marriage with her rapist after the fujitina to which she had been forced. Male violence dramatically in the spotlight. Of Trial by Rape in which, as the lawyer said [...]
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2 March 2021
"I just wanted to give a name to things': the self-awareness of an immigrant girl in search of her freedom
A very intense text. It is the sharing in writing of the work of self-consciousness that A., a twenty-year-old native Peruvian immigrant girl in Italy, is doing on herself in order to process the fatigue and pain of having grown up in the strongly patriarchal context of her family of origin. A.'s intention is to get rid of self-sexism, recognising in her mother a "sister" who is a victim of the same violence she suffered, forgiving her for her apparent "complicity" and for her silent acceptance [...]
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