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19 May 2021
Spain stops the Ley Trans. Germany as well
A great victory for Spanish feminism: the government split over the Trans Law, which introduced self-certification of gender, and the abstention of the Psoe blocked the process. A similar law was blocked in the Bundestag. After the stop to self-id in the UK, the transactivists are still in the corner. A boomerang for the Zan bill as well
With 78 votes in favour, 143 against and 120 abstentions, the process of the Ley Trans in Spain (gender self-determination) has come to a halt. This is not a definitive victory: Podemos, which proposed the law, announced it would not stop. But the party came out strongly weakened by the recent administrative vote, a débâcle after which the leader Pablo Iglesias decided to leave politics. Podemos has lost much of its contractual strength. Hardly [...]
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3 April 2021
Hormonal Party for girls and boys
Social networks such as Tiktok have long been a place of trans-indoctrination of minors with non-compliant behaviour: doctors instructing them in hormone therapies and trans-activists propagating the illegal procurement and self-management of hormones. In the case we are describing, real hormonal parties organised by a moderator of the social network Reddit. Self-management and even the self-production of hormones are a workhorse of the trans Paul Preciado, as well as a recurrent motif in trans-xenomaniacism (see here). Meanwhile just a few days ago Arkansas became [...]
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