Purple avalanche in Madrid

No to the Ley Trans. Stop pornography, prostitution, uterus for rent. Spanish feminism united in a huge demonstration to impose a political agenda free from transfeminist and queer intrusiveness, sending a signal to women all over Europe.
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2000 women according to government sources, 6000 participants gathered in Madrid from all corners of the Spanish peninsula and islands.

A meeting that surprised the feminists themselves, who wanted to make a strong statement: FEMINISTS ARE THERE.

We are not the minority.

A union that aimed to vindicate the main forms of oppression of women that feminism wants to eradicate from Spanish society:

-Prostitution and pornography

-Uterus for rent

-Gender as ideology and diktat and medium of international oppression based on ascientific and narcissistic theories

-Imposition of the so-called 'trans law'

Valanga viola a Madrid

This time, as in many other demonstrations, rallies and statements to the media, the feminists of Spain have expressed their disagreement with Irene Montero, Equal Opportunities Minister, who has been pushing for the approval of the 'trans law' for years now. at central government level and for its validity in all Spanish autonomous communities. A push that has the appearance of animposition. Montero not only refuses confrontation, but has always shown itself unwilling even to listen or to read the position and reasons that historical Spanish feminists have been expressing for a couple of years now through the networks and the media.

Just last week at the PSOE congress the chief executive Pedro Sanchez promised a law to abolish prostitution. The protesters reproached him for not having kept its promise on other occasions. In 2018, he had already announced a law against sexual exploitation and trafficking, but the announcement was not followed up.

A part of feminism read this unexpected proposal as a way of silencing objections to the Ley Trans: a pact, an exchangean abolitionist law in exchange for a Lgbtq one.

Valanga viola a Madrid

The largest Spanish feminist groups and organisations joined forces and marched together.

The preparation of this national event took many months. Feminists from all over Spain organised themselves to reach Madrid with buses, trains, private transport. Social networks were the main means for the realisation of the event.

A demonstration of the fact that women do not let them intimidate by the violence and arrogance of the Lgbtq -now dominated by the queer current-. nor by the aggressiveness of the noisy 'transfeminist' movements, whose agendas do not include any point in favour of women, but rather promote their exploitation and erasure.

Valanga viola a Madrid

We were thrilled to see the Spanish sisters marching, shouting, smiling and hugging each other, setting an example to women in other countries who now feel less alone and are ready to oppose the abuses they experience daily in the name of tolerance.

What the Spanish sisters teach us is that:

Feminism is not divided, or struggling to women's liberation or not. Either you are a feminist or you are not.

The signs and most significant slogans and impact:

- Pornography is a school for rapists.

- The difference between a whoremonger and a rapist is money.

- Whoremonger, you pay to rape. Submission is not consent.

- Hormonising girls and boys is not a right.

-Gender = Oppression

- Neither cis nor trans. Femininity is not an identity.

- Commercialising the womb of a poor woman is a crime

- Safe spaces for women and girls.

- My vagina is not a working tool.

- If it causes psychological trauma and physical and psychic after-effects, it is not work.

- The man who rapes you will not ask you what gender you identify with.

- Women are not 'found dead', women are killed by men.

- I do not identify with the female gender that I was assigned at birth and this does not make me 'man' or 'gender fluid' or 'non-binary'. It makes me FEMINIST.

These and many others were the issues launched by feminists in Madrid, who demanded the realisation of their agenda.

Our Spanish sisters have taken a clear step forward, a wave that we hope will also reach Italy, releasing our anger and the desire to rebel together.

Valanga viola a Madrid

from Spain, Sara Punzo and Carla Garcia

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