USA: how gender ideology is affecting doctors' training

An article in the Economist denounces the infiltration of gender identity ideology into US medical schools. Which focus on the free affirmation of gender. For fear of transactivist protests. But also out of ignorance about the progress of medical research and over-reliance on the mainstream media.
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L'Economist published an article on theinfiltration of gender identity ideology into US medical schools. Testimonials from students and teachers whistleblower highlight several problems, all of which can be traced back to theimposition of "gender affirmation as the only possibility for treating dysphoria. For example the side effects of drugs prescribed even to children were not mentioned. In general, future paediatricians and family doctors are taught to introduce children and young people who say they feel 'in the wrong body' to clinics specialising in gender identitywhere puberty blockers and hormones of the opposite sex are administered with great superficiality, and with irreversible consequences. An excerpt from the article follows.

La gender dysphoria, the often distressing feeling of being born in the wrong body, is listed in the Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (see here) of the American Psychiatric Association. So Katherine (not her real name) -a student in her first week of medical school at Louisiana State University- was stunned when she heard the lecturer tell the class that gender dysphoria was not a mental illness. This episode suggested that gender identity ideology, which claims that 'trans women are women and trans men are men', had influenced some of those training her to become a doctor. 

Confirmations followed. An endocrinologist explained to the students that females on testosterone had a similar risk of heart attack as males - in fact they had a much higher risk. Discussing all this was apparently unthinkable.

How did transgender ideology make its way into medical schools? 

Professional bodies, including the American Academy of Paediatrics, have endorsed the 'gender-affirming' model of care, which accepts the 'gender-neutral' approach.self-diagnosis of dysphoria by patients. This can lead to prescribing puberty blockers to nine-year-old children. So-called 'trans medicine' is not a fundamental part of medical school curricula. But one academic paediatrician (who did not want her name, institution or status to appear in this article) says that all medical students learn that they are expected to follow the 'affirmative' model 'uncritically and unquestionably'. For most doctors this will mean sending the young patients to a gender clinic (gender clinic), some of which prescribe blockers or hormones of the opposite sex at the first visit. "We treat infections with antibiotics, no questions asked: that's exactly how it is for gender dysphoria and puberty blockers too".explains the paediatrician.

The 'affirmative' model of care has already caused irreversible damage to the bodies of many young people. This is particularly clear from theexperience of detransitioner who have regretted taking hormones or having their breasts or genitals removed. Puberty blockers also prevent bones from developing properly and, when combined with hormones from the opposite sex, can lead to infertility and the inability to have an orgasm. A 26-year-old medical school student in Florida, who plans to become a paediatrician, is shocked by what she has not been taught about these treatments: "With other diseases and treatments we are taught in depth about every possible side effect"..

Medical school lecturers suggest two reasons for all this. One - reflected in the fact that nobody wanted their names to be published - is fear. Some activists transgender harass anyone who expresses concerns publicly. The other reason is ignorance. A paediatrician who teaches at a medical school in Florida claims that many doctors pay little attention to new advances in medical research once they have completed their training, and rely on the media for information. And in America there has been little coverage by the media of the dangers of blockers or the troubles of the detransitioner.

Maria Celeste

Full article here 

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