Pregnant men and other wonders
The health of "Marco", a FtM trans woman who is five months pregnant and pumped full of testosterone, and that of her baby are the least of the problems. What matters for the liberal press that talks about the "anthropological revolution" is whether "Marco" should be called mother or father. But only a woman can give birth even if her name is male in the registry office. Nothing has changed in this since the dawn of time. Meanwhile, the trans front is losing ground: in one year the number of members of WPATH, the largest organization for transgender health, has fallen by 60 percent

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The Republic online title with triple somersault on the "young woman who got pregnant": you don't even dare to be pregnant transfilic GEDI group.

The story is that of “Marco”, a girl undergoing testosterone therapy to take on an appearance more similar to that of a man: beard, lower voice - not to "become male" because sex cannot be changed and every single cell of it will remain damn XX-. “Marco” had preserved his uterus and ovaries and following a hetero sexual relationship (a gay relationship, she/he would say) she became pregnant. He is now in his fifth month of pregnancy and it is not clear what the problems may have been effects of taking testosterone on the fetus and also on the pregnant woman, her body being filled with estrogen from pregnancy as well as male hormones, which is not good for her health. Cross sex therapy has currently been suspended.

Unless there are serious malformations of the fetus or serious risks to the mother's health, therapeutic abortion - we are beyond the limits allowed for the IVG - according to law 194 it cannot be practiced. A drama.

But instead of the possible damage to the creature and the pregnant woman the problem seems to be whether she/he should be named mother or father. There should be no doubt: a human being who gives birth to another human being is his mother.

Some time ago British journalist Freddy McConnellalso male by law having obtained the change of registry but female at the genital level- had been the protagonist of a similar case: pregnant following assisted reproduction, therefore in full awareness - and with testosterone suspension - she had given birth to a child, but she demanded that the marital status register her as a father and not as a mother. Following the refusal by the authorities he started a legal battle which he lost at all levels of judgement: on his story was created the documentary film Seahorse (Cavalluccio Marino) presented in 2019 at the Tribeca Film Festival.

In 2022, McConnell gave birth to a second child, of whom he is not the father but the mother.

Some thoughtful commentators have spoken -always on The Republic- Of “new frontier” and “anthropological revolution”. In truth, there is nothing more ancient and less revolutionary than the fact that only a woman can give birth, and consequently anyone who gives birth cannot be a father regardless of the registry corrections granted by the law.

If "Marco" by law is a man, by nature that is allowing her to gestate she is a woman and therefore a mother, there can be no doubt. It is her body as a woman that will give birth. The McConnell precedent should enlighten.

In the meantime the trans front shows signs of fatigue: The WPATH, the leading global organization for transgender health, saw the number of registrations drop from 4119 to 1590 in just one year, a collapse that occurred especially in the USA. There loss of credibility it is mainly due to WPATH's propaganda for puberty blockers and the so-called "affirmative model" for minors with dysphoria, model that was progressively abandoned in many Western countries due to the lack of evidence on its effectiveness and non-harmfulness. In the USA it also weighs heavily story of the teenager Jazz Jennings, protagonist of the reality show I'm Jazz his MtF transition real-time shooting. WPATH had enthusiastically supported Jazz but she is now obese and suffering from serious mental health problems.

AND in Italy? We are always waiting for news from the Ministry of Health: on the protocols actually applied for the treatment of minors with gender dysphoria, on the number of patients treated, on the centers that welcome them. Not even following a parliamentary question on the Florentine hospital of Careggi have we yet learned anything.

Marina Terragni

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