University of Barcelona: feminist professor boycotted by queer students
Another Stock case, this time in the Catalan university. Feminist teacher and writer Juana Gallego was targeted due to her gender criticism. Cases are multiplying in all Western academies, but the authorities are watching. The initiative to support the teacher launched by Spanish feminism

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Juana Gallego, writer and professor at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona -Master of Gender and Communication- ​​is under attack by students queer who before the start of the course announced to the master's coordinator that they would boycotted his classes because of the ideas which he expresses in the media or in his blog. A story that recalls that of many other teachers - the most famous case is that of Kathleen Stock- removed from universities for their gender critical positions. 
Of the question of censorship in academies we talked several times: see here And here, here it's still here.  
The Spanish feminists of the network Confluencia Movimiento Feminista they released a statement in support of Gallego -the translated text follows-: you can join the initiative by clicking here. 
"The feminist movement is already persecuted in Spain even though the "trans law" has not yet been approved. This law provides for sanctions, revocation of licenses to those who dare to disagree on the basis of scientific and professional ethical criteria, as well as revocation of custody and disciplinary sanctions for neglect of the families and legal guardians of young minors. It's a gag law that justifies the defamation, silence, erasure and ideological and political persecution of feminists for telling the truth about queer doctrine and transgenderism. Historical feminists like Lidia Falcon, feminist writers like Lucía Etxebarría and feminist professionals like Carola López Moya have suffered and are undergoing cancellation and institutional harassment which are not permissible in a state of law.
To make all this seem acceptable, the neoliberal patriarchy has injected its own for years propaganda among young people with institutional, financial and media support. He infiltrated the feminist movement to neutralize it from within. It dehumanized and stigmatized feminists. In short, he exploited the weakness of the left mired in the postmodern politics of identities and is increasingly incapable of understanding all the political dimensions of the global market.
L'assault on universities it started a long time ago and the current generations of students and a large number of teachers reproduce blindly anti-democratic dogmas and strategies. The corruption of the objectives and functions of the Equality Units and Observatories, which were created to support the promotion of women in higher education institutions, reveals the level of ideological penetration of neoliberal patriarchy through queer doctrine and transactivism.
At the DoFemCo Conference last November, horrific testimonies were given of teachers in Spanish, British, Canadian, Argentine and Brazilian universities who are victims of unbearable harassment in front of the silence from their institutions, up to the loss of academic positions and dismissal, a surrender to the intellectual orthodoxy of a student body which prevents, for example, from defining an adult human woman as "woman" or from condemning the sexual and reproductive exploitation of women.
The Spanish feminist movement, organized and represented by dozens of organizations from across the country, Strongly condemns this ideological and political persecution and requests that academic and political authorities, private and state, put an immediate and without uncertainty end to this situation, in coherence with scientific reasons and having declared themselves committed to democracy and equality policies.
We also ask that the damage caused to the image and academic integrity of Professor Juana Gallego be repaired in the institution to which they belong, and that the climate of plurality, personal respect and intellectual debate  essential to build and transmit knowledge and to contribute to the improvement of society". ********************************** ************************************************** *

Following the boycott text of my person sent by the students of the master's degree in which I taught more or less the same subjects as Gallego - Philosophy and ethics of communication - at the IUAV university of Venice. As you can see, this is real photocopy texts, with the same charges formulated in the same language.

Following this letter IUAV invited me to renounce the position, a request which I firmly rejected.

Dear Professor X,
and dear Profs. Y and Z (who read to us in copy),
I forward this email on behalf of all of us students of the master's degree in Management of Communication and Cultural Policies.

We learn of the appointment of Marina Terragni with perplexity as holder of the course on 'Philosophy and ethics of contemporary information', scheduled for the second module. In light of reactionary and exclusionary positions expressed in many articles on his blog and public posts on his social pages, we therefore say to each other against and opposed to this choice. We claim this opposition because we believe its positions are not simply distant from ours, but more seriously offensive and irreconcilable with the project of IUAV and this master's degree. Suffice it to mention the university's openness to careers with 'alias identities', as opposed toTerragni's opposition towards the 'self-id' and self-determination of trans people, but also the unfounded criticisms of queer theories, which we are happy have been included among the contents of the master's degree. This choice threatens the integrity of a path expressly linked to feminist, intersectional and queer discourses, And potentially calls into question its classrooms as a safe space. First of all, Terragni's use of communication platforms, which are so central to this teaching, pushes us to say this.
We ask for explanations for this choice, with esteem and trust in his judgement, but we support our position with equal conviction. We welcome his invitation to transformative thinking and practice, but this is not the direction we want the master to proceed.

the Master's Student Body 

Marina Terragni

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