UK. Cass report: never again affirmative therapy for minors with gender-related problems
The final report on the transitions of minors by pediatrician Hilary Cass is released: offering affirmative therapy was a failure. There is no evidence on the effectiveness of puberty blockers, which should never be prescribed, except in rare special cases. Opposite sex hormones should not be given before the age of 18, and even between 18 and 25 caution should be used. A definitive watershed

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The long-awaited definitive report was released this morning Cass Review, an independent review chaired by pediatrician Hilary Cass on public health services for children and minors with "gender dysphoria". His final relation and the recommendations were presented to the NHS England. Here are the highlights.

There conviction for affirmative therapy is final, and determined by absolute lack of evidence that puberty blockers and opposite-sex hormones bring any real benefits to minors who suffer from "gender incongruence" or "gender dysphoria".

In the preface, Dr. Cass directly addresses the children and adolescents who are at the center of the study with these words: “I was disappointed by the lack of evidence on the long-term impact of taking hormones from a young age; research has failed all of us, especially you».

Among the main findings of the investigation we read: «For most young people, a medical journey will not be the best way to manage their gender-related distress». And that also «for those young people for whom a medical path is clinically indicated, it is not enough to provide it without also addressing broader mental health and/or psychosocial issues.» The report specifies that these few cases are those linked to the complex and very rare conditions that go by the name of disorders of sexual development or intersexuality.

The Cass Review also found that «Doctors are unable to establish with certainty which children and young people will have an enduring trans identity», and therefore it is needed extreme caution when administering puberty blockers, so as not to cause irreversible damage.

The recommendations also state that the hormones of the opposite sex should not be administered before the age of 18, and that particular caution should also be used between the ages of 18 and 25.

Furthermore, the report advises the National Health Service to prioritize the cases of younger minors and offer holistic care, which looks beyond just the problem of "gender", with the participation of a multidisciplinary team of experts, to help the minor and his family make the best decisions. In fact, unlike the current practice of encouraging social transition (aka career) even without the knowledge of the parents, in the Cass report we read that minors who have a supportive relationship with their family have higher recovery rates and that parents should always be involved in decisions regarding a possible transition.

Finally, the report also recommends provide support for detransition paths, or to give up on the transition, which can be more difficult and opposed by activists and peers than the transition itself.

Dr. Cass also makes an appeal to her colleagues, the healthcare professionals who treat these minors: «We must start from the awareness that this group of children and young people are just that: children and young people first of all, not individuals defined solely by their gender incongruity or their gender-related discomfort».

In short, the relationship is an absolute watershed for health services for gender non-conforming minors. It will no longer be possible to ignore the complex psychological picture and humane nature of minors seeking "gender treatment" and prescribe medications and surgeries lightly, as has been scandalously done so far.

The full report of the Cass Commission can be read here

Maria Celeste

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