UK: men who "identify" as women are out of women's hospital wards
The Sunak government responds to the woke initiative of the British medical association which ordered its members to no longer use the terms "woman" and "mother" by reinstating the criterion of biological sex and abandoning that of gender identity in the service healthcare. Because there is a need to return to common sense

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In the UK the battle is raging over the physical and symbolic spaces reserved for women. To the British Medical Council (General Medical Council) which has in its guidelines enjoined by delete the words “woman” and “mother”, responds shortlyinitiative of the Sunak government which reinstates the biological sex criterion and abandons that of gender identity in the health service: MtF transsexuals - i.e. biologically male - will no longer be accommodated in female hospital wards even if they identify as women.

This week Steve Barclay, Minister for Health, will announce its proposals for restore “common sense” and tackle the “woke bureaucracy” of the health service which has led to women's rights being increasingly relegated to the background.

The changes will give men and women the right to be cared for in wards shared only by people of the same biological sex and to receive intimate care from people of the same sex.

Barclay also announced thehe abandonment of neutral language in the NHS after the scandal of the deletion of references to women in health advice on menopause and diseases such as cervical and ovarian cancer.

Barclay said a The Telegraph:We need a common sense approach to sex and equality issues in the NHS. This is why I am about to announce some proposals to make patients' rights clearer. (…) It is vital that women's voices are heard in the NHS and that the privacy, dignity and safety of all patients are protected.".

Feminist groups hailed the changes as “fantastic news” and a return to “reality-based thinking”.

Details of the new plans were revealed in Steve Barclay's speech at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester.

Translation by Maria Celeste.

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