Tokyo: Tranny Hubbard loses but doesn't let the women win

Paradoxically, 'Laurel's' defeat is more useful to the cause of transhumanism than her victory. The transhumanists will use it to 'prove' that if a tranny couldn't win against women, then it's true that hormones are enough to make a male body 'equal' to a female body.
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Gavin "Laurel" Hubbard, as predicted - not only by the IOC but even of the Feminist Post- was eliminated in the women's Olympic weightlifting final +87 kg (super heavyweight)after a failed attempt to lift 120 kg and two failed attempts at 125 kg in the snatch.

The women's weightlifting final curiously was not broadcast live on the official RAI programme, despite being defined as 'of historical importance'. precisely because of the presence of Hubbard "first openly transgender athlete to compete in an Olympic Games in a category of a different gender from the one in which he or she was born"(see here, BBC Sport).

Hubbard, in the All Black uniform of New Zealand, stepped onto the platform of the Tokyo International Forum and with uncertainty tried to lift the red weights, but immediately dropped them behind him, and with a smirk and a flirtatious gesture, as if to say: "It was too difficult, I couldn't do it!", he waved to the audience and walked off the platform with a bow. As if he had done it on purpose.

Paradoxically, thehe defeat of 'Laurel' is more helpful to the cause of transhumanism than his eventual victory. The trans-activists want to use Hubbard's defeat as a way of "To 'prove' that if a trans man could not win against women, then it would be true that the male body with hormones would become equal to that of a woman.

Since the IOC changed its guidelines in 2015 to allow men who say they 'feel like women' to compete at the Olympics in women's categories - and consequently influencing national and local sports federations around the world - sports medicine has had to waste time and resources to prove the obvious: that the male body always has a major sporting advantage over the female.

The IOC recently announced its intention to revise its criticised guidelines on so-called 'trans inclusion' at the Olympics, leaving it up to the individual sports federations to decide. (see here).

Yet we should not only talk about 'science' - which despite manipulation is not in question - but also about rights. I women's rights to have the opportunity to participate in elite sporting competitions, with all the benefits this brings in terms of career and income, and to compete fairly.

Hubbard, who even after renaming himself 'Laurel' kept his powerful male body intact, although by now 43, aged and out of shape from an athletic career, would, if strong enough, have to compete with other men. His invasion of the women's category is not a 'right' but rather a privilege, and he took away the opportunity to participate in the Olympics from a woman, Roviel Detenamo from the Republic of Nauru, a small Pacific island that has already sent eight weightlifters to the Olympics in the past (see here).

Hubbard's defeat only further erodes women's rights and women's sport, deluding the world into thinking that after all 'trans people don't win'... paving the way for a potential host of future trans people in women's competition, not only in niche areas such as weightlifting, but in all other sports.

The other 13 female athletes in the weightlifting final won, but with the inclusion of men, even mediocre ones like Hubbard, all the women lost.

Save Women's Sports!

Maria Celeste

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