Spain: PSOE feminists sow obstacles in the path of the Ley Trans
After the recent about-face of the Spanish socialists, who had sided in favor of the Ley Trans, the party's feminists reopen the debate, proposing amendments against gender identity for the next Federal Congress. Which meet with the consensus of the base, while the management is currently silent

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The PSOE feminist collective presented to the 40th Federal Party Congress amendments to some points of the program that would violate equality policies.

In particular, the goal is to avoid “the introduction of formulations that imply setbacks for equality policies” and therefore for “the guarantee of the recognized rights of women”

The replacement of sex with gender” the signatories explain “prevents a correct analysis of the social, economic and political reality in the face of inequalities" beyond “putting at risk the necessary disaggregation of data by sex” and to harm others ” spaces reserved for women.

It is also stated that it is necessary change the name of the entry “Mainstreaming to ensure gender equality” in “Mainstreaming to ensure equality between women and men”. It also asks about replace the concept of "trans" with that of "transsexual", explaining that the term trans does not enjoy any “recognition or legal validity, as umbrella term that includes different realities, from transsexuality to behaviors defined as transformism . The feminist collective demands the need for a "scrupulous" presentation in terms.

Amendments also include the elimination of the “+” symbol within the acronym LGTBI + as they explain "And legally unstable, undefined and imprecise, which generates legal uncertainty . The promoters clarify what they mean defend the clear separation between feminist demands and those of LGTBI collectives.

Significant fact, the amendments have already gathered the majority of consensus wherever they have been presented at the level of local bodies and enjoy growing support among the PSOE base, while the leadership is currently entrenched in silence. The amendments must be approved by the delegates so that they can finally be incorporated into the final text.

As the vice-president of the Council, the socialist, will remember Carmen Calvo had long opposed the discussion of the Ley Trans, supported by the Minister for Equality Irene Montero (Podemos). But in the end even the PSOE had capitulated faced with the demands of transactivists who ask for free gender identity or self-id (see here).

Radfem Italy he had discussed it in a public meeting with Ángeles Álvaréz, cartel representative ContraBorrado and among the best-known representatives of Spanish radical feminism, analyzing the affinities between the text of the Ley Trans and that of the Zan bill: here is the video of the meeting.

If the PSOE body supports, as it seems, the amendments proposed by the party's feminists, the Federal Congress and the leadership will not be able to fail to take this into account, and the Ley Trans will encounter new obstacles on its path.

Marina Terragni

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