Spain: woke sex also among the reasons for the end of Podemos

Ley Trans. Only Yes is Yes' law that reduced penalties for sex offenders. And now also a Manifesto for Sex Education for All* that jeopardises the safety of girls and boys. The spirit is always the same: a queer sexuality promoted by outgoing minister Irene Montero. Which, however, voters and electors apparently do not like. An analysis by lecturer Juana Gallego, feminist affected by the cancel culture
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In yesterday's local elections in Spain the left has disastrously lost -as in Italy, for that matter. In particular there was the Burning defeat of Podemos which is almost extinct in many regions. In the analyses of the Spanish vote, perhaps not enough emphasis is placed on two manifesto laws of Podemos, and in particular the transfeminist minister Irene Montero: the 'Only Yes is Yes' law, which reduced penalties for sex crimes, and the Ley Trans, which introduced self-ID in Spain, i.e. free self-determination of 'gender' also for minors without the intervention of doctors or judges.

As for the law 'Only yes is yes', resulted in reduced sentences and even release from prison for many sex offenders (see here) just as thehe Public Prosecutor's Office raised the alarm about the increase in sexual offences committed by minors on minorsphenomenon that the Spanish government -now in the home straight: Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has brought forward the political vote to July- believes it can stem by focusing on sex education 'for all' that aims to 'democratise sexuality'. and hinges on the concepts of 'choice', 'consent' and, of course, 'rights' ('sex is a right'). The spirit of the project is the same as the two controversial laws initiated by Irene Montero.

Spanish feminists raise the alarm: teaching girls and boys that they can express their consent actually facilitates sexual predators. Words like 'choice' and 'rights' conceal prevarication and the will to dominate the weakest.

Once again, on the skin of little girls and boys.

Juana Gallego is a lecturer at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, for which she created the master's degree in Gender and Communication. Last year she was also affected by the cancel culture or queer censorship (we told you about it here), as has happened to many other intellectuals and teachers.

To follow one of his texts on Manifesto for sex education for all which is likely to become part of the Left's programme at the new general election.

Simone de Beauvoir recounts in his book The farewell ceremony that Sartre, in his later years, lived only to sign manifestos, without distinguishing between the different types or the demands they contained. It seems that he would get up and ask: "What manifesto is there to sign today?". We do not know if this is a revenge of the author of The second sex towards the companion of a lifetime or an awareness of the fact that, when mental faculties decline, a brilliant person can become an automaton with no capacity for discernment.

This anecdote comes to mind because has just been put into circulation, promoted by a self-styled and hitherto unknown Network for Feminist and Community Sex Education, a Manifesto for sex education for allorganisations and institutions have just joined, whose mental faculties resemble those of Sartre at the end of his life. If you have to sign, then you sign.

This manifesto, which can also be found in the SidaStudi, calls for collective or individual endorsements to 'democratise sexuality", and is suspiciously bound by the guidelines currently issued by the UN, WHO, UNICEF and other institutions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (goals no.4 and no.5). Many people signed individually, among whom I can only identify four known names, while I do not recognise any feminist associations.

Desires and pleasures

And what is the peremptory claim of this manifesto, which sprang up overnight, with almost no support from feminist organisations or publicly known people? "Open a window to the field of desires and pleasures' with sex education 'at all ages, for everyone'.

What is important to emphasise is why just now so much interest in the sexual education of children and adolescents is beginning to spread via posters and social networks, along the lines of International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education (ITGSE)  promoted by the UN,  where you can find a vast repertoire of advice for thesex education for children aged 5 to 8, 9 to 12 and adolescents aged 12 to 15.

It is not known how, when and who will carry out the training activities, except that it may or may not be included in the school curriculum. And here one important gap: who will be able to carry out this training and from which perspective. Quite a haul to share.

Spagna: anche il sesso woke tra le ragioni della fine di Podemos
Among the teaching materials is a proposal on "sexting positive'. Sexting is the sharing of personal photos and videos of a sexual nature, often then used for blackmail and revenge porn. Source here.

Neither misogyny nor coeducation

The Guide (ITGSE), despite the use of seemingly neutral, friendly and egalitarian language, reveals that its objectives are in line with the current woke and transgenderism. The glossary in fact defines concepts such as transphobia, homophobia, gender identity but not concepts such as misogyny or coeducation, a term never mentioned in the Guide. Also, in various definitions, it is taken for granted that 'sex is assigned at birth'.

All these clues alert us to the fact that we are at the beginnings of a new Overton Window, which consists of 'making possible what is unthinkable', and that what you purport to do is normalise intergenerational sexual relations.

I won't say it in a more vulgar way, I wouldn't want to be denounced, even though this is the same idea expressed by the minister Irene Montero in the Equality Commission (on 21/09/2022) on the fact that "boys, girls and *children* have the right to love and have sexual relations with whomever they wish, with consent of course", words that sound like something out of ITGSE. You can watch the video of the speech here (at minute 1:57).

The consensus: the new word fetish which seems to ignore that the same can be achieved in many ways, or that it can be flawed from the outset, depending on the power relations between the individuals involved.

Hypersexualisation and sexual violence

As stated in the Communiqué by Dofemco (Feminist Teachers for Co-education) on Manifesto for integral sex education for all, Such teaching must be part of a co-education based on the principle of gender equality and child protection and care, "but it also involves the the need to take a critical view of hypersexualisation and sexual violence disguised as liberating transgressions that support and aim at adults' access to sex with minors".

In parallel, we see on social networks a proliferation of erotic drag shows attended by young children. In short, there is a new offensive which, under the cover of the 'right to sex education', begins to subtly spread the idea of the 'democratisation of sex', which is not exactly clear what it means.

From now on, the new mantra that postmodern activists will repeat like parrots will be "The right to sex is a human right of all'.

And I really want to see who will be the shameless one who will question him without fear of being sent straight to hell.

Juana Gallego

Translation by @Fede_RRe

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