Rubber breasts for girls under five. And wrapped breasts for 11-year-olds

In many American states, silicone penises sized for girls UNDER 5 years of age are freely available for sale, to be tucked into shorts to simulate male genitalia. In an English school, however, a newsletter teaches 11-year-old girls how to bind their breasts while waiting to have them removed.
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Girls and children are privileged targets for transbusiness propaganda. It is they who must be convinced that they are "born-in-a-wrong-body'. and having to transition, first with puberty blockers, then with hormones and surgery. The propaganda ran also in many Italian schools who are already organising meetings on the so-called 'career alias', or on the possibility of being called with a name different from the one registered in the registry and corresponding to "perceived gender.

Perceived gender' (gender identity) is the lintel of Zan's bill against homobi-transphobia under discussion in the Senate.

Unlike in the past today It is mainly girls who embark on this path (in 75-80 per cent of cases), take hormones and undergo double mastectomies. Increasingly rarely, however, in around 10% of cases, males who 'perceive themselves' as women take drugs or undergo genital demolition surgery or the insertion of breast implants.

In this film a mother from Utah shows a sized silicone penis for girls under the age of 5, item for sale in many US states. The penis is recommended for girls with 'non-compliant' behaviour (as if there is something non-compliant in early childhood). As you can see in the film, it goes into the shorts for simulate the volume of male genitalia. In this way, girls can 'feel comfortable' with their perceived gender identity.

Peni di gomma per bambine sotto i 5 anni. E seni fasciati per le undicenni

In a British school, however, an in-house newsletter teaches young girls with growing breasts the right ways to compress them in order to achieve a 'flatter, more masculine appearance', while waiting for the possibility of a double mastectomy.

Sixth-year students of a top girls' grammar school sent a newsletter to 11-year-olds explaining how to bind their breasts.. This prompted the Safe Schools Alliance to report the girls' school Nonsuch High School in Cheam, Surrey, to the Department of Education. 

In a statement the school - headed by Amy Cavilla - defended the newsletter, stating that it aimed at ".informing, promoting and raising awareness of LGBTQ+ issues". The newsletter explained how to bind one's own breasts to obtain a "flatter and more masculine appearance'.as well as including links to sites with more information on the practice. According to a report by Times, if the breast bandage was too uncomfortable, surgery to remove the breast tissue was suggested. 

"My fear is that girls will follow these links. I can't understand why a newsletter with such information would be produced for girls in a school, especially 11-year-old girls," said a mother with two daughters in the school. 'I don't understand why the school would advise girls to bandage their breasts so much that they get hurt and then, if it hurts too much, suggest removal of their breasts. Why do they say these things to my daughters?"

La Safe Schools Alliance reported the school to the Department of Education, describing the newsletter as "creepy'. In a statement, the school revealed that the newsletter, written by the LGBTQ+ student society, was intended to "giving safety advice to young people that may consider risky practices... Interest and curiosity in these issues do not necessarily concern a specific age group. Information can safeguard girls who seek answers to questions they cannot have and cannot find on their own'.

The latest school inspection of Nonsuch High School dates back to 2013, when the school was found to be of "a good standard" and a promoter of difference among students.

original article here (translation by Angela Tacchini)

but also talks about The Times here

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