Dutch paedophile sells sex dolls in the shape of babies and children. Claiming they are 'therapeutic'

According to Bram Joosten and other manufacturers of similar objects, horrifying 'penetrable' and torturable dolls are supposed to reduce actual abuse. It's the exact opposite. Baby sex dolls increase paedophilia and 'desensitise' people to the harm that comes from abusing little girls and boys. Repugnant
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" AttentionThis search contains disturbing content related to paedophilia issues. All the photo in this article have been censored by 4Wand the information will be transmitted to the authorities for their revision (see footnote at the end of the article for details).
The discretion of readers is appreciated.

A Dutch trader which sells sex dolls in the shape of babies and children, and advertises a the disturbing objects as 'therapeutic for paedophiles'. e hosts forums where sick men - some of whom claim to be fathers of young girls - can discuss their fantasies.

Bram Joosten of Bennekom, the Netherlands, is the first manufacturer and seller of penetrable dolls that look like babies and small childrenoperating several websites specialising in sales. Most of the Joosten's sites supply the same goods under different brandshosted mainly on the Shopify platformwhich has recently banned the products for sale by a women's rights activist on the charge of to promote the "transphobia".

LoliDollsone of the main outlets of Joosten, advertises its activity with a banner depicting smiling children and a text that reads "Adopt a Loli, become a dad"..

Pedofilo olandese vende bambole sessuali con sembianze di neonati e bambini. Dicendo che sono "terapeutiche"

"Loli" is a term that refers to child-like female characters made popular by thejapanese animationbut has become synonymous with paedophile depictions of young girls being sexualised.

On Joosten's sites, dozens of sex dolls are offered for salemost of which have been made with the appearance of very small children. But Joosten lists several that are described even as infants.

Pedofilo olandese vende bambole sessuali con sembianze di neonati e bambini. Dicendo che sono "terapeutiche"

A product sold as "TPE Baby is described as "The first detailed, high-quality baby sex doll on the Loli doll market".. La vaginal depth of the doll is measured: "Please note that it has no oral or anal function. She is too small for these functions.

La doll sells for $800with an even more realistic silicone version offered at 1,500 dollars. The additional cost offers perverted buyers hyper-realistic eyes, hair, skin colour and genitalia.

Pedofilo olandese vende bambole sessuali con sembianze di neonati e bambini. Dicendo che sono "terapeutiche"

Frighteningly, in one of the other pages of Joosten's shop, the same sex dolls for children are sold with a child-oriented slant.

On its splash page, Doll Orphanage has a picture of a girl holding a baby doll.. The site advertise the same doll- complete with penetrable genitals - as made for 'cuddling or fantasizing'. e is shown fully dressedfor a target group of girls who are innocently looking for realistic baby dolls.

Pedofilo olandese vende bambole sessuali con sembianze di neonati e bambini. Dicendo che sono "terapeutiche"

Despite the fact that these dolls are largely illegal in the European Unionwhere Joosten resides, the man clearly advertises the ownership of the site on its Facebook profile, and has linked his personal email address - associated with a now-closed fitness company he once ran - in the websites contact form. His Facebook shows he travels frequently, with recent trips including Thailand.

In addition to selling sex dolls for children Joosten runs several forums associated with its websites where i paedophiles are free to get together and discuss details of both the dolls and the 'Loli' culture. Joosten himself was once a member of All the Fallen - paedophile website dedicated to hosting chatrooms and fantasy stories eroticising child molestation- but apparently left the site after being criticised for its not-quite-realistic sex dolls for children. All the Fallen hosts a whole catalogue of 'Nepi Stories' with fiction written about torture and child rape.

On Joosten's noticeboard, paedophiles with nicknames such as "BabyFan" offer tips to "perfect" sex dolls for buyerswriting:

"The all-silicone medical model would be great if it resembles the sculpture model you show, it should be incredibly impressive, with super realistic make-up and realistic modelling of the sexual holes with small anus folds to perfect the baby girl.... Be very precise in your fabrication, as just a small detail overlooked can compromise realism!"

BabyFan then offers to make videos with a sex doll for the enjoyment of other users. who cannot afford one.

Another user writes:

"If holes allow you to have sex with her, then it's priceless. Because babyclone and reborn competitors don't have holes for that. And among sex dolls there are none so young..."

In a thread entitled 'How not to get arrested'., Joosten offers its buyers advice on how to circumventing the law - including having its buyers add removable fake breasts to dolls to get around laws that only target those that openly resemble children. Joosten informs his buyers about the laws of the various US states and the Philippines, e sign perverts like keep their shipments as private and unrelated as possible.

Joosten proudly boasts that his baby dolls would be 'completely legal in the eyes of the law', explaining that the dolls will be shipped wearing nappies and will be indistinguishable from any baby doll for non-sexual use. In a post it reveals that law enforcement agencies have not yet started looking for sex dolls made to look like babies.

In a thread on "Toddler Dolls', one user tells of to have a young daughter who came across one of his child sex dolls, and how he convinced her to 'keeping the secret'.

Pedofilo olandese vende bambole sessuali con sembianze di neonati e bambini. Dicendo che sono "terapeutiche"

Later in the thread, another user posts photos of a real baby girl, and asks Joosten to produce a sex-doll that is a personalised replica of the baby girl.He wrote 'I like short, chubby legs and a childlike face'.

Joosten replies that a custom-made doll could cost up to $6,000.

Pedofilo olandese vende bambole sessuali con sembianze di neonati e bambini. Dicendo che sono "terapeutiche"

On one of the blog posts for her Loli Dolls shop, Joosten claims that sex dolls for boys and girls are 'therapeutic' for paedophiles. Joosten writes "Loli dolls have a childlike shape that makes them attractive to people who feel sexually attracted to minors (paedophiles).". He writes that "... relationships with human beings can be quite superficial and not at all satisfying. It is not at all easy to find true love or a person who sincerely cares about you. If you are a paedophile then it is even more difficult.    

It might seem that Joosten may be the first seller of child sex dolls, but his is only one of several cases in the world. These dolls have been the subject of recent controversy concerning people 'attracted to minors' ("minor attracted people"), with some pro-pedophile organisations campaigning to make dolls completely legal in the US stating that these could reduce child sexual abuse.

However in 2019 Australian researchers have shown that the use of sex dolls for children "can lead to an escalation in child sexual offences, from viewing child exploitation material online to contact sexual offences." The researchers hypothesised that such dolls "... can also desensitising the user from the potential harm that child sexual violence causesas such dolls do not give any emotional feedback."

The researchers also wrote that "The sale of children's sex dolls potentially carries the risk that children will be objectified as sexual beings and that child sex will become a commodity".

Author's note: All information collected during the research on this article, including data on Bram Joosten, will be passed on to theExpertisebureau Online Kindermisbruik (Office of Online Child Abuse Assessment) for the investigation of child abuse by law enforcement agencies in the Netherlands. "

Anna Slatz.

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Translation by Angela Tacchini.

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