Hormones for children: we can no longer remain silent. Appeal-denunciation by French intellectuals against 'the serious drift'.

Some fifty doctors, psychiatrists, thinkers and feminists are rebelling against the 'ideological stranglehold on children's bodies' and the mythology of transgender children. One day, they explain, we may regret having remained silent in the face of this 'theft of childhood', a medical and ethical scandal.
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As we have already reported (see here) in many Western countries there is a sharp decline in the face of child transitions, despite the recent 'pilatesque' ruling on the case Keira Bell in the UK (see here).

A further signal comes from the Francetogether with theObservatoire des discours idéologiques sur l'enfant et l'adolescent, a group of professionals and researchers on childhood (doctors, psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, lawyers, judges, public school teachers, philosophers, sociologists, etc.). fifty or so personalities from that country are protesting against the discourse on the 'self-determination' of children, which is legitimising a sharp increase in requests for sex change, especially among teenagers.

Here is the appeal.

We can no longer remain silent about what we consider a serious drift in the name of the emancipation of the 'transgender child'. (who claims not to have been born in the 'right body'). Radical discourses legitimise demands for sex change on the basis of simple perception, presented as truth. But this is at the cost of lifelong medical or even surgical treatment (removal of breasts or testicles) on the bodies of children or adolescents.

It is this phenomenon and its high media profile that concerns us, not the choices of transgender adults. 

Perhaps thinking of providing an answer, the Scottish government has issued new guidelinesa for LGBT inclusion, from 12 August, according to which children, from primary school age, can change their name and gender at school without parental consent. Without their consent and also without the parents being informed if the child requests it. What is happening in our neighbouring countries could very quickly happen in France: the protean spread of these beliefs has led to a considerable increase in requests for sex change among children and in particular adolescents.

According to Jean Chambry, child psychiatrist in charge of CIAPA (Centre Intersectoriel d'Accueil pour Adolescent) in Paris, until about ten years ago, there were about ten requests per year; in 2020, requests were per month (only for the Ile-de-France region). A worrying acceleration in medical responses to these transitional demands. 
Trivialising discourses claim that we could dispense with biological reality, the sexual difference between men and women, in favour of chosen singularities based solely on the "self-perception". These misleading ideological discourses are broadcast on social media where many adolescents with identity problems come to seek solutions to their malaise. In the name of 'self-determination' - a slogan that appeals to all progressives - children and adolescents are convinced that they can change their sex with the help of hormone treatments or even mutilating surgery. This rhetoric, spread by activists in many Western countries, uses falsehoods designed to deceive. 

The theft of childhood? How did we get to this point? And do we (still) have the right to react without being insulted or threatened? How can these rights to self-determination be a satisfactory progress? This phenomenon, the 'transgender child', is in fact a contemporary mystification that must be strongly denounced because it is an ideological indoctrination. They would have us believe that, in the name of the well-being and freedom of each individual, a child, freed from the consent of his or her 'reactionary' parents, would be able to 'choose' his or her so-called gender identity. 
But the child is a being in the making; before it reaches a stage of maturity, its development is in constant evolution. There is unanimity on the subject among neuroscientists, developmental specialists, psychoanalysts, child psychiatrists, paediatricians and all early childhood specialists.  

Children, and even more so adolescents, are subjected to pressure that leads to mental destabilisation, to a break with the family if the latter does not support them. and with all those who refuse to share his point of view. This pressure generates anti-social and accusatory discourse; a specific idiom or even a new language is imposed on those around these young people who often express themselves in stereotypical language, as if they had lost all critical thinking (which is a characteristic of ideological control).  

We denounce this theft of childhood. Today, there is an urgent need to inform as many citizens as possible, of all professions, all sides, and all ages, about what tomorrow might appear as a one of the biggest health and ethical scandals that we risk seeing happen without saying a word: the commodification of children's bodies. Persuading them that they were 'assigned' a sex at birth, and that they can change it freely, these children are pathologised for lifeThey are lifelong consumers of hormone chemicals marketed by pharmaceutical companies, recurrent consumers of more and more operations in pursuit of the chimerical dream of a fantastic body. Currently, countries that were in favour of medical transition before the age of majority are banning hormone treatments for minors (Sweden, the United Kingdom and some American states). 

This dogmatism leads to great confusion, so much so that no one knows how to act and raise their voice, often to fear of certain LGBTQI+ associations. But this acronym considers very different people, some of whom, like us, are concerned about the current drift. Some are subject to the law of silence that reigns in this environment. The Swedish documentary Trans train (visible here, Part 1 e Part 2) shows how young adults, left to their own devices and threatened if they speak publicly, were pressured by the trans community when they expressed doubts or if they 'detransitioned' (regretting the social and/or medical transition process which appears to them to be the wrong answer to their questions or malaise).  

Confusion reigns, largely maintained for the purpose of manipulating humanity at its deepest substratum: its evolution, its temporality, its wanderings and its doubts. In the name of the rejection of a supposed gender assignment, we are embarrassedly and without understanding anything, witnessing an assignment of identity. Thus Claude del Club des cinqonce described as a tomboy, is now presented as transgender. We could laugh about it if it were not symptomatic of our age, affected by political radicalism that overrides any debate.  

No, in the name of child protection we can no longer remain silent! We refuse to accept that, in the name of 'human rights', this common basis - the universalism of rights - which constitutes the foundation of humanity should be called into question.  
Nicole Athéa (endocrinologist-gynaecologist), Elisabeth Badinter (philosopher), Anne-Laure Boch (neurosurgeon, Hôpital de la Salpêtrière), Thierry Baranger (honorary magistrate, former president of the juvenile courts of Paris and Bobigny), Marie-Jo Bonnet (historian, writer), Jean-François Braunstein (philosopher, professor at the Sorbonne Panthéon University), Anna Cognet (clinical psychologist), Alain Cornec (lawyer), Laurence Croix (lecturer, Nanterre University), Chantal Delsol (philosopher, member of the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences), Bernard Devauchelle, (professor of medicine and head of the maxillofacial surgery department at Amiens University Hospital), Marie Josèphe Devillers (feminist lesbian activist), Christine Le Doaré (lawyer, feminist activist), Catherine Dolto (haptotherapist), Corinne Ehrenberg (psychoanalyst), Caroline Eliacheff (child psychiatrist, psychoanalyst), Xavier Emmanuelli (doctor, president of Samu Social International), Nicole Farges (psychologist, psychoanalyst), Natalie Felzenszwalbe (honorary lawyer), Isabelle Ferrari (co-founder AMQG (measured approach to gender issues among young people) in Geneva), Christian Flavigny (child psychiatrist, psychoanalyst), Esther Fouchier (president of the Mediterranean Women's Forum), Pascale Fourcade (psychiatrist), René Frydman (professor of medicine), Delphine Girard (classics teacher in secondary schools, lay activist), Bernard Golse (child psychiatrist, psychoanalyst (APF), professor emeritus of child and adolescent psychiatry, University of Paris), Julie Gosselin (computer scientist, feminist), Nadia Guenet (producer of the radio programme "la révolution sera féministe"), Liliane Kandel (sociologist, feminist, member of the editorial board of Les Temps modernes), Annick Karsenty (president of the association "femmes solidaires" of Marseille), Aaron Kimberly (Gender Dysphoria Alliance, Canada), Frédérique Kuttenn (former head of the department of endocrinology and reproductive medicine at the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital), Rhadija Lamrani Tissot (psychoanalyst, linguist), Jean-Pierre Lebrun (psychiatrist, psychoanalyst), Danièle Manesse (linguist, researcher in language teaching, Sorbonne-Nouvelle University), Céline Masson (university lecturer), Martine de Maximy (honorary magistrate, former children's judge), Isabelle de Mecquenem (professor of philosophy, member of the Conseil des sages de laïcité), Scott Newgent (TReVoices), Sylvie Quesemand Zucca (doctor, psychiatrist), Gérard Rabinovitch (philosopher, sociologist), Jean-Pierre Rosenczveig (former president of the Bobigny children's court), Hana Rottman (paediatrician, child psychiatrist), Olivia Sarton (lawyer), Myriam Szejer (child psychiatrist), Sonia Timsit (psychiatrist, psychoanalyst), Claire Squires (lecturer, University of Paris), Samuel Veissière (anthropologist and professor of transcultural psychiatry at McGill University in Montreal), Jean-Pierre Winter (psychoanalyst), WHRC-France (Women Human Rights Campaign). 

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