Hormones to children: the world is revolting
Arkansas, and soon Texas and Tennessee. Sweden, Finland, UK, Australia: the number of Western countries abandoning pharmacological treatment for "gender non-conforming" girls is growing. And the prestigious Lancet asks to reconsider these "therapies" which continue to be prescribed in Italy. E' time to do battle

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An article from the prestigious Lancet Child & Adolescent Health (see here) proposes greater caution in the use of puberty blockers on children diagnosed as gender dysphoric.

Second Lancet Child & Adolescent Health further research is needed to determine the best treatment for minors who have received this diagnosis, particularly for those in whom the disorder only manifested itself after puberty.

The genre is a highly politicized topic and any scientific article that poses a threat to mainstream narratives is typically retracted, subjected to an additional round of peer review and correction, or more likely rejected. Significant, therefore, that this time Lancet has published.

Arkansas was the first US state to ban the use of blockers for minors, and similar laws are under consideration in Tennessee and in TexasSkepticism about these drugs is growing all over the world, and politicians are starting to take notice. In 2020, theEnglish High Court determined that children under 16 are unlikely to be able to consent to treatment involving puberty blockers (Keira Bell ruling, currently under appeal). Sweden and Finland today they have returned to psychological interventions for minors with gender dysphoria

Meanwhile thousands of American pediatricians they mobilized against puberty blockers, even promoting one lawsuit against the Biden administration, while in Australia some clinics require approval from a court to proceed with hormone therapies on minors, to avoid the risk of future legal action: the risk of losing money is an effective disincentive for the transfer.

Also in Australia, the first clinic for the treatment of dextransitioners, increasingly numerous, with the aim of offering specialist assistance and support therapies to those who regret the transition to which they have been subjected.

Still, in the UK: a mother, Sara Hertz, addressed the doctors aarticulated and argued letter entitled “Doctors, it's time. First, do no harm” against the transition of minors, while Sonia Appleby, child protection manager for Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust - London clinic specializing in child transitions - won a case against the British health service and was compensated for the administration's treatment of her after she expressed her concern."that some young children are actively encouraged to be transgender without effective monitoring of their situation”.

On the risk of abuse he had already broken the silence the dean of Tavistock, the psychiatrist David Bell.

Throughout the West the wind is changing, but at the moment in Italy not a leaf is moving.

In our country puberty blockers continue to be administered with simple medical diagnosis and without the intervention of a court. And it's from the past few days the news of a sixteen year old from Lucca authorized by the Court to change sex at the registry office, possibly also resorting to "rectification" surgery.

One is needed reconnaissance on the number ofminors treated in Italy, currently unknown, a clarification on protocols that are applied, in addition to careful verification of grooming –grooming and indoctrination about gender identity– on the social networks most frequented by young people, such as Instagram and TikTok-

They must also be consulted urgently Italian Society of Paediatrics, the Italian Society of Endocrinology and the Order of Psychologists to solicit their position starting from the now established fact that the effects of puberty blockers are not reversible at all, as per tenacious propaganda, not to mention the possible iatrogenic pathologies induced by these drugs.

To finally arrive at a law which, as now in many Western states, strongly limits or prohibits the use of hormone blockers for gender non-conforming minors, first of all by promoting freedom from stereotypes –this is the first battleground against the child transition industry– and favoring - where there is suffering - the psychotherapeutic path.

Marina Terragni

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