New Forstater case in the UK: lawyer sues Stonewall for "inducing discrimination"
Allison Bailey was allegedly bullied and discriminated against by her law firm for expressing her opposition to self-certification of gender or self-id. Lesbian and founder of LGB Alliance, the woman denounced the study and also Stonewall. Who, she is convinced, actively worked for his "punishment"

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Stonewall will face a court case for encouraging the law firm where Allison Bailey, a lesbian lawyer, works to discipline her just because she criticized transgender activists.

The lawyer filed a complaint for discrimination inspired by the case of Maya Forstater, the researcher at the Center for Global Development in London who lost her job for expressing her opposition to gender self-certification (see here)

Last June 10, an appeals court ruled in favor of Forstater, ruling that belief in the immutability of biological sex is a form of opinion protected by the European Convention on Human Rights.

For that matter too Nancy Kelley, CEO of Stonewall UK, in a very recent interview with the BBC (here) had to admit that It is not possible to change biological sex. Some external sexual characteristics can be changed, but not sex.  

A judge agreed that Bailey, who practices in London, is entitled to hold his views critical of gender identity because they are philosophical thoughts.

The Court will hear the case in April against Stonewall and the law firm where the woman works.

It is the second time that the British organization for the rights of LGBTQ+ people has tried in vain to make the complaint of the lawyer who she is a founder of the LGB Alliance, association born after part of the British gay and lesbian movement left Stonewall in controversy with transgender ideology.

In his first complaint, Bailey accused the NGO and his employer of discrimination and victimization. This thesis is now strengthened by what Judge Holly Stout claimed according to which it is "completely plausible" that the organization "tried to cause the law firm to punish the appellant for her publicly expressed beliefs and criticism of Stonewall's diversity champions program».

The hearing was reminded that in 2018 Bailey had claimed that Stonewall “had been complicit in supporting a campaign of intimidation against anyone who questioned the ideology of the self id, in particular lesbians and feminists".

To support the civil case the woman launched a fundraiser. Also under accusation are leading figures from the important Garden Court law firm who allegedly defined the the lawyer's beliefs are "bigoted and unworthy of respect". 

Both Garden Court and Stonewall deny breaking the law.

Elena Bandiera

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