New Jersey. Pregnancies in women's prisons after the arrival of trans "inmates".
Two pregnant inmates at New Jersey women's prison after arrival of transgender prisoners. The complaints of harassment by men who "identify" as women and the protests of the guards were of no avail. Gender self-determination weighs heavily on the US prison system

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Two inmates became pregnant after having sex with a transgender prisoner inside New Jersey's only women's prison, the correctional institution “Edna Mahan”.

The head of external relations for the state Department of Corrections said this in a press conference.

It is unclear whether the inmates have had intercourse with the same trans-identified inmate and whether they intend to carry on with the pregnancy. Those in charge of the prison, which has long been in the eye of the storm due to allegations of abuse, they specified that the relationships would be consensual and announced an internal investigation.

The «Edna Mahan houses 800 inmates and since last year 27 transgender prisoners, i.e. trans-identified men, many of whom have not had genital surgery.

Transfers from men's prisons began in July 2021, as part of a settlement following the 2019 lawsuit filed byAmerican Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and by a trans-identified man who had served a short term in a men's prison.

In 2021, two inmates at “Edna Mahan” have reported being harassed by transgender inmates and have initiated legal action to request the revocation of the policy of housing prisoners based on their «igender identity". The women also reported that transgender inmates engaged in sexual activities with female inmates.

The union representing the facility's guards also released a statement against the facility's decision to house transgender inmates: «We opposed this policy change believing that it would be harmful to the general population of inmates housed at Edna Mahan and that it would cause additional stress on our correctional officers assigned to this institution », said the president of the union to

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